SDAHO PAC campaign reaches the $30k milestone!


Your donations to the SDAHO PAC campaign are vitally important to the association’s advocacy efforts. These dollars support sound health care policy and impact elections in South Dakota and in Washington D.C.  Donations update includes:

  • Received to date for 2017: $30,943
  • PAC Goal for 2017:             $47,000
  • 210 raffle tickets sold      90 remaining

Our top donors include:

Facility Goal:

  • Avera Hand County Memorial Hospital, Miller
  • Avera Queen of Peace, Mitchell
  • Avera Sacred Heart Health Services, Yankton
  • Brookings Health System, Brookings
  • Sanford Canton-Inwood Hospital, Canton
  • Douglas County Memorial Hospital, Armour
  • Eureka Community Healthcare Services, Eureka
  • Faulkton Area Medical Center, Faulkton
  • Freeman Regional Health Services, Freeman
  • Lead-Deadwood Regional Hospital, Deadwood
  • Milbank Area Hospital Avera, Milbank
  • Philip Health Services, Philip
  • Sanford Clear Lake, Clear Lake
  • SD Association of Healthcare Organizations, Sioux Falls
  • Spearfish Regional Hospital, Spearfish
  • Tekawitha Living Center, Sisseton
  • Wagner Community Memorial Hospital-Avera, Wagner

Ben Franklin Club ($1,000)

  • Thomas Clark, Avera Queen of Peace, Mitchell
  • Scott A. Duke, SDAHO, Sioux Falls
  • Paul Hanson, Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls
  • Brent Phillips, Regional Health, Rapid City

Chairman’s Circle ($500)

  • Bryan Breitling, Avera Hand County Memorial Hospital, Miller
  • Doug Ekeren, Avera Sacred Heart, Yankton
  • Tony Erickson, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, Yankton
  • Curt Hohman, Avera McKennan, Sioux Falls
  • Joan Kunkel, Sanford Health, Sioux Falls
  • Debra A. Owen, SDAHO, Sioux Falls
  • Bob Sutton, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Cole Turner, Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls

Rushmore Circle ($500)

  • David Flicek, Avera McKennan, Sioux Falls
  • Jay Jahnig, Faulkton Area Medical Center, Faulkton
  • Richard Molseed, Avera, Sioux Falls
  • Bryan Slaba, Wagner Community Memorial Hospital-Avera,Wagner
  • Larry Veitz, Spearfish Regional, Spearfish

Capitol Club ($350){AHA}

  • John Ayoub, Mobridge Regional Hospital, Mobridge
  • Deb Fisher-Clemens, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Danielle Hamann, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Eric Hilmoe, Sanford Health, Sioux Falls
  • Gilbert Johnson, SDAHO, Sioux Falls
  • Nicole Kerkenbush, Regional Health, Rapid City
  • Richard Korman, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Tamara Miller, Madison Regional Health System, Madison
  • John Pierce, Regional Health, Rapid City
  • Jen Porter, SDAHO, Sioux Falls
  • John Porter, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Mark Schmidt, Lead-Deadwood Regional Hospital, Deadwood
  • Fred Slunecka, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Steve Statz, Avera Health, Sioux Falls

Capitol Club ($250){SDAHO}

  • Heath Brouwer, Douglas County Memorial Hospital, Armour
  • Rhonda Christensen, SDAHO, Sioux Falls
  • Michael Diedrich, Regional Health, Rapid City
  • Sandra Dieleman, Avera at Home, Sioux Falls
  • David Erickson, Avera Health, Dell Rapids
  • Jill Fuller, Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, Watertown
  • Karen Gallagher, Avera St. Mary’s Hospital, Pierre
  • Jason Green, Regional Health, Rapid City
  • Julie Hoffman, Avera Queen of Peace, Mitchell
  • Eric Larson, Avera Queen of Peace, Mitchell
  • Teresa Mallet, Madison Regional Health System, Madison
  • Jason Merkley, Brookings Health System, Brookings
  • Rochelle Reider, Avera Queen of Peace, Mitchell
  • Mark Schulte, Sturgis Regional Hospital, Sturgis
  • Jeremy Schulte, Philip Health Services, Philip
  • Rachael Sherard, Avera Health, Sioux Falls
  • Carmen Weber, Eureka Community Healthcare Center, Eureka
  • Mike Wilde, Sanford, Sioux Falls

Although the deadline for achieving your facility goal from the general campaign has passed, raffle ticket purchases and golf team mulligans will be applied toward facility goals totals.  And, Contributions are welcome through December 2017.

For more information please contact Scott A. Duke or call 605-361-2281. Click here for the SDAHO PAC brochure