MCAG Settlement Recovery Services

SDAHO Enterprises has entered into an Endorsed Business Program with Managed Care Advisory Group, LLC (MCAG), to offer members a class action settlement recovery service. MCAG will assist interested members in identifying and recovering significant funds from current and future class action settlements.

MCAG has worked closely with thousands of physician practices and hundreds of hospitals to assist in the management of class action opportunities. Health care organizations are frequently eligible for participating in class action settlements and MCAG has distributed over $300 million to thousands of clients as a result of this service.  

Through this agreement, MCAG will track relevant settlements on behalf of members, identify opportunities that are meaningful and assist in filing claims for payment. MCAG is also available to help you review settlement notices that are sent directly to your organizations. The service is provided on a contingency fee basis. Members will not receive any invoices or bills and MCAG only receives payment when an organization recovers settlement funds.  

Contact Gil Johnson, Vice President of Business Development, SDAHO, 605-361-2281, with questions on MCAGs class action settlement recovery assistance.

SDAHO Enterprise was developed to pursue valued services and increase non-dues revenue. Overall goals and objectives of providing revenue to supplement SDAHO strategies and providing support and benefit to members. ​