Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Public Health Emergency Info

Monkey Pox



The South Dakota Department of Health is reporting the first case of monkeypox in a South Dakota resident. The male in his 30s from eastern South Dakota tested positive for orthopoxvirus which was confirmed by state officials at the State Public Health Laboratory. The specimen will be submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for confirmation as monkeypox.

“The number of monkeypox cases has grown substantially over the past two months in the U.S. and globally,” said Dr. Josh Clayton, state epidemiologist. “Prompt identification of the characteristic monkeypox rash by patients and clinicians is necessary to curb the transmission of this virus, although more cases are anticipated before the number of new cases slows.”

Monkeypox can spread when a person comes into contact with the virus by having direct contact with the infectious rash, scabs, or body fluids. Respiratory secretions during prolonged, face-to-face contact, or during intimate physical contacts such as kissing, cuddling, or sex can spread the virus.

The South Dakota Department of Health encourages individuals to contact their healthcare provider early if they develop symptoms of monkeypox to aid rapid detection and prevent ongoing transmission. More information about the virus, signs and symptoms, prevention, treatment, and more can be found on the CDC website or at doh.sd.gov.


The Food and Drug Administration yesterday issued an emergency use authorization allowing health care providers to administer the JYNNEOS vaccine intradermally to adults and subcutaneously to children at high risk for monkeypox infection, without an individual prescription for each vaccine recipient.

The Department of Health and Human Services has allocated almost 1.1 million doses of the vaccine to states and other jurisdictions, and has ordered another 5 million doses from the manufacturer for delivery this year and next. The FDA expects that allowing intradermal injection for adults will increase available doses by up to five fold.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra last week declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported almost 9,500 cases since the first U.S. case May 18.

The Department of Health and Human Services yesterday awarded AmerisourceBergen a $19.8 million contract to speed delivery of monkeypox vaccine and treatments from the Strategic National Stockpile to U.S. jurisdictions. The SNS to date has shipped over 800,000 vials of JYNNEOS vaccine and 37,000 treatment courses of TPOXX, an investigational antiviral treatment for monkeypox. HHS expects the contract to increase distribution to 2,500 shipments of frozen JYNNEOS vaccine and 2,500 shipments of TPOXX per week. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra last month declared the U.S. monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. Confirmed U.S. cases currently exceed 20,000.

State Vaccination Resources

SD Covid-19 Information Line 1-800-997-2880

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Packets: English | Spanish

No-Cost Covid Testing for South Dakotans 9/7/21

Long Term Care Staff FAQs

Long Term Care Residents and Family FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

COVID-19 Vaccine Comparison 1/19/22

COVID-19 Vaccine Information 8/25/21

COVID-19 Vaccine distributed to South Dakota  3/8/21

SD DOH Vaccination Info/Tools 3/08/20 

SD DOH Covid Vaccination Website  12/20

SD DOH Covid Vaccination Plan 11/3/20

SD DOH and CDC Vaccine Registration Process 10/2020

State Resources

DOH Covid-19 Information

SD Public Health Lab-Long-Term Care Sentinel Testing 6/22/20

DSS Medicaid Coverage and Flexibilities  6/15/20

SD Antibody Testing Guidance 6/6/20

DSS Medicaid Flexibilities 5/28/20

To Request SD COVID PPE Resources 5/13/2020

SD DOH Discontinuation of Isolation  5/4/20

SD Medicaid Telemedicine Services 5/1/20

SD DOH Symptoms and Exposure FAQs 4/29/20

SD DOH Testing Guidance 4/30/20

SD Uninsured Coverage Information 4/29/20

SD Supreme Court EO-Will and POA Notarization 5/7/2020

State Reporting of Positive Patients


SD Supply Requisition Request 3/17/20

SD DOH What Can Employers Do? 3/23/20

SD Medicaid Communication Update 3/30/20

SD Decision Tool for Screening 4/28/20

SD DOH Staff Other Than CNA Letter and Skills Checklist 3/27/20

SD Public Health Lab Resources

SD DSS COVID-19 Resources

SD DSS 1135 Waiver Information  3/24/20

Families First Coronavirus Response Act 3/26/20

SD Funeral Directors Association Recommendation Letter 3/20/20

SD DSS Medicaid FAQ Updated 9/14/20

SD COVID-19 Updates and information

SD Update Webinar for Healthcare Providers and Slides 3/5/20

South Dakota Executive Actions

Hospital Preparedness

Healthcare Personnel

Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages 4/30/20

Employee Screening for COVID Information 3/18/20

Health Care Personnel Daily Attestation

Healthcare Personnel Daily Form


Treatment Options

Interim Guidance for Life Support of Suspected or Confirmed Patient

Frontline COVID-19 Guide 5/8/20

NIH Treatment Guidelines

AAMC Clinical Guidance Repository 5/7/20

COVID-19 & Sepsis Resources

Critical Care Treatment of COVID-19 5/6/20


Triage/Assessments and Transfer

CDC Triage of Suspected Patients PowerPoint 4/6/20

CDC Triage of Suspected Patients 4/15/20

Washington UW Medicine Resources

Hospital to Post-Acute Care Facility Transfer Example 3/15/20

AHRQ Triage Tool for EDs 5/2018


Mitigation Strategies

Multi Patient Ventilator Considerations 3/27/20

ECRI Ventilator Shortages

Single Ventilator to Support Multiple Patients 4/20



ASPR Hospital Resource Compilation  7/29/20

SDAHO Enterprises Covid-19 Resource List 5/8/20

CDC’s 10 Effective Ways Healthcare Systems Operate 5/1/20

FDA Policy for Imaging Systems During COVID-19 4/20

AHA Guidance on Non-emergent, Non-COVID-19 Care 4/20/20

Ethical Decision-Making Framework 3/27/20

HHS HIPAA Oversight Activities during COVID-19 

Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance 4/24/20

Universal Masking information 5/5/20

AHA Caring with Limited Resources 4/1/20

US Citizenship and Immigration Guidance During COVID 3/27/20

Advisory Board Coronavirus scenario planning


Surge Capacity

AHA Forecasting Models  5/5/20

AHA Partnering to Address COVID-19 Toolkit 4/30/20

CDC Surge Based Tool 4/21/20

Care Team Assignment by Role 3/30/20

Example of Care Team Model During Surge 4/15/20

CMS Guidance for Freestanding EDs 4/21/20

CMS Guidance for ASCs Enrolling as Hospitals 4/3/20

Medical Surge Capacity Handbook 8/2010

Hospital Surge Evaluation Tool 8/2017

Enhancing Medical Surge Capacity 4/2018

Wisconsin Guidelines for Managing Hospital Surge 3/2015


Alternative Care Site (ASC)

Alternate Care Toolkit: Third Edition  6/30/20

Alternate Care Site Toolkit Fact Sheet  6/20


Data Reporting

Hospital Reporting and FAQ-TeleTracking/HHS Protect UPDATED 1/12/21

HHS Weekly List of Hospitals Reporting Data UPDATED WEEKLY

CMS Interim Final Rule Hospital Reporting Guidance  10/6/20

Data Collection Portal Help 7/17/20

Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment


NETEC My PPE Guide Tool 3/24/21

PPE Preservation Planning Toolkit Factsheet  9/30/20

PPE Preservation Planning Guide 9/30/20

CDC N95 and Other Respirator Optimizing Supply  9/16/20

OSHA Facepiece Decontamination Guidance 4/24/20

CDC Guidance on Use of Elastomeric Respirators During Surge 4/20/20

NETEC Healthcare Workers and Masks 4/17/20

Decontamination and Reuse of Respirators 4/29/20

Cohorting to Conserve PPE 3/25/20

CDC Optimization of Isolation Gowns  10/9/20

ERCI Extended Use and Reuse of N95 Clinical Evidence 3/20

Reprocessing Eye Protection  10/27/20

PPE Stewardship Guidelines 4/24/20

PPE Extended Use and Reuse Guidance 6/9/2020

N95 Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Decontamination and Reuse 4/10/20

CDC Strategies to Optimize PPE & Equipment 5/5/20

How to Make a Face Mask

How to Make a Face Shield Guidance from Providence Health

Optimizing the Supply of N95-Convential Capacity 4/22/20

One-page Conservation PPE 4/7/20

Conservation and Extended Use of PPE Videos and Guides

Reuse and Extended Use of PPE 3/18/20

Elective Surgery and Procedure Recommendations 4/7/20


General PPE

FDA Alert Regarding N95 Respirators 8/27/21

OSHA Requirements PPE eTool

CDC Wearing Masks as a Mitigation Strategy  8/18/20

Astho PPE all Regulations Links 4/28/20

CDC Use of Cloth Face Coverings 4/13/20

CDC Use of Cloth Face Covering FAQ 6/28/2020

Universal Masking Resource 3/29/20

NIOSH Guidance for PAPRs 4/20

FDA Revised Guidance on Face Masks and Respirators 4/20

Universal Mask Policy and FAQs  5/19/20

Premier Face Mask Supplies

Premier Sanitizer Supplies

Training for Proper use of PPE 4/18/20

PPE Burn Rate Calculator

CMS Guidance for Respirator and Mask Use by HCP

CDC FAQ on Protective Equipment 3/14/20

Donning and Doffing Video (7:05) 3/2/20

Donning: Step by Step Process 4/10/20

Doffing: Step by Step Process 4/10/20

PAPR Training Video (3:04)

Tyvek Suit Donning and Doffing Video (3:17) 7/2014

OSHA Temporary Enforcement N95 Mask 3/14/20

OSHA PPE Guidance

Post-Acute Preparedness

CMS public health actions for nursing homes concerning the Covid-19 public health emergency

CDC updated Nursing Home recommendations 2/1/22

CDC Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Access in Long-term Care Settings 1/3/22

LeadingAge Releases Booster Shot Toolkit for Long-Term Care Settings 10/4/21

AHRQ COVID-19 Resources Catalog for Nursing Homes 9/24/21

LeadingAge Nursing Home Vaccine Mandate FAQs

CDC Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations to Prevent Spread in Nursing Homes 9/10/21

Revised LTC Testing Requirements 9/10/21

CMS Interim Final Rule COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Requirements 5/11/21

Nursing Home Community Champions Video  5/4/21

CMS Memo Long-Term Care Facility Testing and Focus Survey Tool 4/27/21

CDC Managing New Admissions and Readmissions  3/29/21

SD DOH Reopening NH Plan Updated 4/1/21

CMS Factsheet on Nursing Home Visitation  3/10/21

CMS Memo-Nursing Home Visitation  3/10/21

CDC LTC Facility Vaccination Toolkit

CDC Nursing Home Testing Guidelines 1/7/21

Visitation Risk Assessment Link-Washington State 12/3/20

Visitation Risk Assessment Link-Illinois State 12/21/20

Post Vaccine Considerations for Residents 12/13/20

LeadingAge COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Resources 12/17/20

CMS/CDC Nursing Home COVID-19 Training FAQs  12/2020

CMS Nursing Home Resource Center 12/2020

CMS Flowchart on Payment in NH  12/2020

CMS Flowchart on Payment in NH

ASPR/Tracie Considerations for Long-Term Care Toolkit  9/20

CMS Public Reporting Tip Sheet 10/2020

CMS Memo LTC Requirements and Focused Survey Tool  8/26/2020

CMS Testing in NH FAQ 8/5/20

Person-Centered Care Planning Profile  8/2020

NHSN LTCF Information  7/6/20

CMS Hospice QRP Tip Sheet  7/20

SD DOH Reopening NH Checklist 6/16/20

CMS Memo on Changes to Nursing Home Compare 6/25/20

CMS FAQ on Nursing Home Visitations 6/24/20

CMS COVID-19 Nursing Home Weekly Data 6/7/20

CDC Nursing Home Testing Guidelines  9/10/20

SD DOH Point-Prevalence Survey in NH  6/11/20

SD DOH Sentinel Surveillance Testing in NH  6/11/20

CMS Memo COVID-19 NH Data Posting 6/4/20

CMS Memo COVID-19 NH Inspection Info 6/4/20

CMS Memo-Survey Activity, Funding, and Quality Improvement 6/1/20

CDC Assisted Living Considerations  5/29/20

Nursing Home Focused Survey Checklist  5/19/20

CMS Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations  5/19/20

CMS Nursing Home Reopening FAQ 5/18/20

Post-Acute Healthcare Personnel Screening Form 5/20

CDC Memory Care Considerations  5/12/20

CMS Seema Letter to Nursing Homes  5/11/20

CMS Delayed MDS  5/11/20

CMS Memo Long Term Care Flexibilities 4/29/20

CMS Memo Hospice Flexibilities 7/9/20

CMS Toolkit to Mitigate COVID-19 Prevalence in Nursing Homes 8/2020

CDC NHSN Long-Term Care Facilities Module  7/28/20

Optimistic Care COVID Resources for Nursing Homes  4/28/20

LeadingAge CARES ACT FAQ 4/27/20

CMS Memo 5-Star, Staff Counts and FAQs 4/24/20

Joint Commission How to Prevent COVID in Nursing Care Centers

Resources for Nursing Home & Long-Term Care 8/26/20

Resident Interviews 4/20

AADNS COVID-19 Updates  4/20/20

CMS Memo Data Reporting 4/19/20

CDC Nursing Home Infection Preventionist Training 7/10/19

COVID-19 Resource Hub and Delirium Prevention

Long-Term Care Facility Transfer Scenarios 4/13/20

Waiver for Home and Community Based

Palliative Patient Care Guides

Cohorting and Precaution Guidance 4/2020

LTC Isolation and MDS Coding 4/2020

CAPC Toolkit and Response Efforts

CMS Home Health Agencies Flexibilities 7/9/20

Long-Term Care Facility Guidance Update 4/1/20

CMS Long-Term Care Nursing Home Telehealth Toolkit 3/27/20

CDC Checklist for Older Persons 5/8/20

CDC Nursing Home and other Long-Term Care Settings Checklist 5/7/20

Guidance for Retirement Communities and Independent Living 6/29/20


Financial Assistance and Billing Resources

Financial Assistance

HHS PRF Post-Payment Reporting Requirements  9/19/20

HHS CARES Act Funding FAQ  8/25/20

HHS CARES Act Funding FAQ 6/12/20

HHS Tracking Government Grants System

HRSA Funding FAQ includes RHCs 7/22/20

CDC Financial Resources FAQ   6/10/20

State-by-state breakdown of $50B General Distribution 5/7/20

South Dakota Federal Funding for Hospitals 7/20/20

Automatic Federal Relief 7/21/20

HHS Distribution of Payments 5/1/20

HHS General Distribution Portal FAQs 5/6/20

CMS Advanced Payments Programs 4/26/20

CMS Accelerated and Advance Payments Program Factsheet

Uninsured COVID-19 Patient Information 4/20

HHS Allocation of Funds Information Updated 6/10/20

AHA Bulletin on HHS Fund Distribution 4/10/20

Rural Development Updates Updated 6/3/20

FEMA Public Assistance COVID-19 FAQ 4/1/20

Rural Development COVID-19 Response Page 8/5/20

AHA CARES Act Financial Resources 3/30/20

US Dept of Labor FMLA Update 3/25/20



American Medical Association Vaccine Billing Source NEW

Medicare COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Payment NEW 3/15/21

CMS Clarification for Using ‘CR’ Modifier and ‘DR’ Condition Code 8/26/20

CMS Alternate Care Site Payment Fact Sheet 5/26/20

CMS Medicare Fee for Service Billing FAQ 2/19/2021

AMA CPT Codes for Antibody Testing 8/10/20

Resource Virtual Care and Care Management Billing- Caravan Health 4/8/20

AHA COVID-19 ICD-10 Video 4/1/20

ICD-10 MS-DRGs Updated 4/1/20

Code Guidance from Eide Bailly 3/16/20

AMA New COVID-19 Testing Code 8/10/20

American Hospital Association Coverage and Payment 3/6/20

Avera Health Plan Test Billing Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield Testing Coverage

Sanford Health Plan Test Billing Information





CDC/FEMA Resources

CDC updates COVID-19 infection control guidance for health care settings 9/26/22

CDC updates public health guidance for preventing COVID-19 illness 8/11/22

CDC updated guidance Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 1/21/22

CDC Guidance: Community Use of Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 12/6/21

COVID-19 Community Transmission Levels by County 9/17/21

Caring for Post-COVID Conditions 9/14/21

CDC Fully Vaccinated Recommendations 5/13/21

CDC Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID Vaccination  2/2/21

CDC All You need to Know on COVID-19 Vaccine  2/8/21

CDC FAQ on Covid-19 Vaccination  1/25/21

CDC Shares Responder Stories 2/9/21

CDC US New COVID-19 Variants 2/9/21

CDC All You need to Know on COVID-19 Vaccine 1/14/21

CDC Pfizer Vaccine Information 1/4/21

CDC NHSN Vaccination Tracking 12/21/20

CDC Vaccine Communication Confidence Checklist

CDC Communication Toolkit for Healthcare Providers 12/29/20

CDC Moderna Vaccine Information 12/22/20

CDC COVID Vaccines and Allergic Reaction Recommendations 12/31/20

CDC Healthcare Personnel Post Vaccine Considerations 12/13/20

CDC Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccinations Work 12/13/20

CDC People at Increased Risk  11/30/20

CDC Options to Reduce Quarantine for Contacts 12/2/20

CDC Lab Job Aids 11/30/20

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook  9/16/20

CDC Contact Tracing for COVID-19  10/21/20

CDC General Vaccination Guidance During a Pandemic  7/9/20

CDC Contact Tracing Notification Guide  8/27/20

CDC Skin Irritation from PPE  8/4/20

CDC Retirement Community Toolkit 7/21/20

CDC One Stop Shop Toolkits  7/10/20

CDC Guidance for US Healthcare Facilities  7/12/20

CDC Event Planning Q&A  7/13/20

CDC Staffing Resources 8/26/20

CDC Funeral Guidance  7/25/20

CDC Critical Infrastructure Response Planning 5/6/20

CDC Training for Healthcare Professionals  5/12/20

CDC Severe Illness Health Alert-Chloroquine Phosphate 3/27/20

CDC NHSN Data Collection Information 4/24/20

FEMA Information on Data Collection 4/10/20

Vice President Pence Letter to American Hospitals 3/29/20

CDC Hemodialysis Recommendations  8/24/20

CDC Consideration for Inpatient OB Settings 5/20/20

AHA Info on CDC Data Request 3/30/20

CDC Infection Prevention and Control FAQ’s  8/4/20

CDC Discontinuation of Transmission-Based Precautions in Healthcare 8/10/20

CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting 7/28/2020

CDC Interim Guidance Return to Work  8/10/20

CDC Interim Infection Control Guidance  11/4/20

PUI Criteria 7/28/20

CDC Healthcare Personnel Risk Assessment Exposure 6/18/20

CDC Clinic Preparedness 3/31/20

FEMA Supply Chain Stabilization Task Force 3/30/20

FEMA Pandemic Whole-of-Government Response 3/30/20

CDC’s Healthcare Provider Checklist 3/25/20

CDC’s Hospital Preparedness Checklist 3/25/20

CDC Emergency Preparation Landing Page 3/20/20

CDC Healthcare Preparedness Checklist 6/12/20

CMS/Medicaid Resources

CMS to Require COVID-19 Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers 9/14/21

CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Policies & Guidance Page 5/10/21

CMS IP & C Recommendation with Fully COVID-19 Vaccination 4/27/21

CMS Memo Guidance for Emergency Preparedness Interpretive Guideline 3/25/21

CMS Office of Minority Health COVID Vaccine Resources  3/11/21

CMS Memo Guidance on Emergency Preparedness Testing Exercise Requirements 9/28/20

CMS Memo Enforcement Cases Held during Prioritization 8/17/20

CMS Quality Payment Program COVID-19 Website 5/29/20

CMS FAQ CARES Act  4/11/20

CMS Memo Interim Final Rule Nursing Home Residents and Staff 5/6/20

CMS Memo Hospitals and CAH FAQs 3/30/20

CMS Memo EMTALA 3/30/20

CMS Coronavirus Partner Virtual Toolkit 5/8/20

CMS Memo Outpatient Settings 3/30/20

CMS Memo Psychiatric and Intermediate Care Facilities 3/30/20

CMS Memo Dialysis Facilities 3/30/20

CMS Expanded Flexibilities for RHCs 7/6/20

CMS Guidance for ASCs Enrolling as Hospitals  11/25/20

CMS Website for Waivers & Flexibilities 5/8/20

CMS Summary Blanket Waiver for Healthcare Providers UPDATED 2/19/2021

CMS Memo Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes 4/30/20

CMS MEMO Clinical Lab Guidance 3/26/20

CMS MEMO-Quality Reporting and Value-based Purchasing Program 3/27/20

CMS Quality Payment Program Factsheet 9/8/20

CMS Memo Nursing Home 3/23/20

CMS Quality Reporting Program Relief 3/22/20

CMS Memo Home Health 3/10/20

CMS Memo Hospice 3/9/20

CMS Survey Activities 3/4/20

CMS Emergency Declaration FAQ  8/20/20


Medicaid and CHIP

Medicaid and CHIP States Toolkit 4/23/20

Medicaid Out of State Transfer Prior Authorization 4/23/20

Medicare Provider Enrollment Relief FAQ 7/2020

Medicaid and CHIP COVID-19 Response Toolkit

State Medicaid and Chip Agencies FAQ 6/30/20