Sunday, December 4, 2022
Home Webinar Patient/Resident Care Music in Dementia Care: Overview of Best Practices

Music in Dementia Care: Overview of Best Practices


Presenter: Rachelle Morgan, MA, MT-BC, CDP, board-certified music therapist, founder of Soundscaping Source

CE’s: NHA & SW


Many professionals working with older adults with dementia have a story to share – the woman who never spoke but who could play the piano for hours or the man slumped over the table who sat up and sang his heart out. Music clearly makes a unique difference for some, so how can we extend this benefit to others? In this presentation, learn from a seasoned music therapist what we know now about the best ways to integrate music into caregiving for people with dementia. Gain skills you can use tomorrow – whether you’re a trained musician or can’t carry a tune in a bucket.


  • Identify 3 neurological and cultural explanations for the unique effectiveness of music in dementia care
  • Learn 3 key concepts for using music to create a pleasing environment and improving quality of life for individuals with dementia (without causing overstimulation)
  • Identify 3 key steps in using music to help with completing ADLs and reducing agitation and aggressive behaviors
  • Discuss music programs designed to help people with dementia (including music therapy, Music & Memory, and streaming services) and troubleshoot problems with participants’ existing programs