Friday, December 2, 2022
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When Hacktivists Attack


Presenter: Daniel Nigrin, MD, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at MaineHealth



Boston Children’s Hospital was targeted in a sustained cyberattack led by the hacktivist group known as Anonymous — an event that carries lessons for other health care organizations that now rely heavily on electronic systems for clinical care and routine operations. The speaker will recount the attack with all its twists and turns. He’ll explain how his team and organization defended against it, and share best practices and lessons learned. And he’ll conclude with the postscript to the story that includes some remarkable and unexpected twists.

Learning Objectives of Session:

  • Convey risks all healthcare entities now have with their reliance on electronic systems in the age of cyberattacks
  • Enumerate specific risk areas and approaches to mitigation
  • Understand critical importance of investment in cybersecurity technology and personnel, and of organizational focus on it