Learn from a ‘generational guru’ at the SDAHO 90th Annual Convention

Anne Loehr, a “generational guru” who thrives at the intersection of leadership, relationships and connections, will share her insights on leveraging the best in each generation and using emotional intelligence in the workplace at the SDAHO 90th Annual Convention.

Loehr’s talks are scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 22, with “Leveraging the Strengths of Every Generation” from 9-10:30 a.m. and “It Takes Courage to Use EQ” from 1:45-2:45 p.m.

Loehr graduated from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Management and moved to Africa, where she owned and managed eco-friendly hotels and safari companies for more than 15 years. Loehr left the United States to turn around a Kenyan hotel, but she also became fluent in crisis management, facing down lions, tsunamis, rivers that carried away camp generators and interpersonal and community conflict.

When she sold her companies and returned to the U.S., she brought along her passion for leadership development and executive coaching that helps leaders communicate effectively and deepen their working relationships.

Rose A. Labriola, senior vice president of Frederick Memorial Healthcare System, said Loehr’s presentation helped her motive her generationally diverse workforce to accomplish great things as a cohesive team.

“Anne brought clarity and understanding to why we need to communicate differently to different age groups,” Labriola said. “I have used her tips in my everyday interactions with my staff; our team is working better together to achieve our quality goals.”