• South Dakota hospitals support price and quality transparency and strive to communicate information that is useful to patients, families and other health care purchasers. SDAHO established the SD Hospitals Charge Compare to assist hospitals in meeting their transparency goals under the state statue SDCL 34-12E-11, 11.1, 12 and 13.
  • SDAHO developed a comprehensive Internet-based solution to greatly enhance our member’s use of the SDAHO Statewide Inpatient and Outpatient Databases. Members utilize the Dimensions Program to easily analyze market share, perform patient services assessment, plan hospital services, and assess community needs.
  • SDAHO Medicare Impact Modeling provides South Dakota hospitals and post-acute care members with impact analysis of Medicare payment policy changes.  Each year the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) make a number of changes to how providers are reimbursed under the Medicare program through the regulatory process.  The impact reports provide hospitals and post-acute providers with quick and easy to understand analyses of proposed and final regulatory changes that assist members in planning and preparing both operationally and financially.
  • The Annual Salary and Benefits Survey collects salaries on non-management, management and executive job classifications.  The annual survey helps South Dakota hospitals hire and maintain appropriate levels of personnel and evaluate their benefit plans.

Helpful Data Links

Member Webinars

DataGen's Overview of Medicare's VBP

This session is specific to PPS hospital quality leadership, discharge planners and those working with hospital reimbursement. The objectives for this presentation is to help educate on Medicare’s Quality programs, the analysis you receive, and the programs’ impact on your hospital’s reimbursement.

DataGen’s overview of Medicare’s RRP and HAC programs

This webinar focuses on the Medicare-fee-for-service (FFS) quality-based programs to review the Medicare readmissions reduction program (RRP) and hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) reduction programs. This session is specific to quality leadership (CMO, CNO), discharge planners, and those working in healthcare reimbursement.

Dimensions Training

This session will overview SDAHO’s data reporting program, Dimensions. The presentation will focus on two tools within the program, Slice and Dice and Discovery Datalytics. The presentation will show attendees how to gain access to the tool, explain how and when to use specific tools and how to build certain reports.

For assistance with IPOP Data Collection please contact Becky Heisinger at

For assistance with Dimensions, Medicare Impact Modeling and the Salary and Benefits survey please contact Jacob Parsons at