Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Political Action Committee

The South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organization (SDAHO) was founded by hospital administrators and physicians to advance healthy communities though a unified voice. Access to quality care has been at the forefront of advocacy efforts over the years. Contribution to SDAHO Political Action Committee (PAC) supports elected officials who understand the importance of preserving access to health care services and are willing to make a difference in both Pierre and Washington, D.C.

At the 2022 American Hospital Association Annual Meeting the SDAHO PAC received the Most Improved Fundraising State for 2021.

L-R: Jim Skogsbergh, AHAPAC Steering Committee Chair; Paul Hanson, SDAHO PAC Chair; Tim Rave, SDAHO President/CEO


2022 PAC Contributions

AHA/SDAHO Ben Franklin Club

  • Tim Rave, SDAHO
  • Bill Gassen, Sanford Health
  • Bob Sutton, Avera Health
  • Paul Hanson, Sanford Health
  • Jason Merkley, Brookings Health System
  • Thomas Clark, Avera Health
  • Paulette Davidson, Monument Health

SDAHO Rushmore Circle

  • Michella Sybesma, SDAHO
  • John Pierce, Monument Health
  • Lindsay Flannery, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Sara Henderson, Avera Health
  • David Basel, Avera Health
  • Barb Hespen, Monument Health
  • Tom Otten, Avera McKennan
  • Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Avera Health
  • Rita Blasius, Avera St. Benedict Hospital
  • Mistie Drey, Community Memorial Hospital Burke

AHA/SDAHO Chairman’s Circle

  • Tammy Hatting, SDAHO
  • Kallee Rydland, SDAHO
  • Corey Brown, Sanford Health
  • Erica Peterson, Sanford Chamberlain
  • John Ayoub, Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics
  • Eric Hilmoe, Sanford Health
  • Mike Wilde, Sanford Health
  • Sandra Dieleman, Avera @ Home
  • Mark Schmidt, Monument Health Lead/Deadwood; Monument Health Sturgis

AHA/SDAHO Capitol Club

  • Jeremy Schultes, Philip Health Services
  • Tamara Miller, Madison Regional Health System
  • Rhonda Wiering, Avera @ Home

SDAHO Capitol Club

  • Natalie Gauer, Milbank Area Hospital Avera
  • Jodi Smith, Avera St. Mary's Hospital
  • Carla Borchardt, Avera McKennan
  • Laura Reurink, Avera McKennan
  • James Hanson, Avera Health
  • Dale Gillogly, Sanford Medical Center
  • Karen Gallagher, Avera St. Mary's Hospital

Non-Club Level

  • Veronica Schmidt, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center
  • Rhonda Roesler, Avera Health
  • Doreen Miller, Sanford Health
  • Dustin Berg, Avera Health
  • Nikki VonEye, Westkota Manor Avera
  • Carol Person, Sanford Health
  • Justin Hinker, Avera McKennan
  • Lisa Van Heek, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Margaret Kropuenske, Sanford Health
  • Lynne Kaufmann, Brookings Health System
  • Kayla Ronne, Brookings Health System
  • Karen Weber, Brookings Health System
  • Jennifer Chandler, Brookings Health System
  • Brian Kvamme, Brookings Health System
  • Gavin Weber, Brookings Health System
  • Michelle Sand, Brookings Health System
  • Terri Stauffacher, Brookings Health System
  • Gordon Dekkenga, Brookings Health System
  • Jeremy Klinkhammer, Brookings Health System
  • Melissa Wagner, Brookings Health System
  • Tammy Hillestead, Brookings Health System
  • Lori Sisk, Sanford Clear Lake Medical Center
  • Tim Schwasinger, Avera Health
  • Beth Graff, Madison Regional Health System