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  • In 2022, SDAHO’s 54 member hospitals in South Dakota provided inpatient care to over 101,000 patients.
  • During that same year, those member hospitals provided outpatient and ambulatory care for an additional 1.2 million visits.
  • South Dakota hospitals also maintain 52 emergency rooms that provide care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • There are 40 Critical Access Hospitals in South Dakota, which is a hospital designation that helps to reduce the financial vulnerability of rural hospitals and improve access to healthcare by keeping essential services in rural communities.
  • There are a total of 58 hospitals in South Dakota.
  • The majority of South Dakota hospitals have less than 25 beds:
    • 0-10: 3
    • 11-25: 36 (15 are at 25)
    • 25 – 50: 4
    • 51 – 100: 3
    • 400+: 3
  • The average inpatient length of stay among SDAHO member hospitals was 4.72 days in 2022. The top reasons for inpatients stays related to births, pulmonary medicine, mental health, orthopedic procedures and digestive disorders.
  • In 2022, South Dakota Hospitals provided over $274 million worth of care to communities.
  • South Dakota hospitals and health systems provided $123 million in uncompensated care to patients who did not have health insurance or means to pay for their care in 2022. This included $53 million in charity care and nearly $70 million in bad debt.
  • A total of $124 million in care was provided to Medicaid and Medicare patients above and beyond what hospitals and health systems were reimbursed due to government underfunding of those programs.


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