The Regulation on Nursing and Assisted Living Beds Study moved forward on five bills for introduction to the full legislature during the interim committee’s fourth and final meeting in Pierre on Thursday.

As a part of the agenda, the committee reviewed seven pieces of draft legislation related to:

  • Recruitment assistance for LPNs, CNAs and medication aides
  • Transfer and sale of nursing facility beds
  • Reporting annually by state agencies to the legislature regarding the condition of long term care and bed availability
  • Redistribution of unused beds
  • Financial incentives to relinquish excess unlicensed moratorium beds
  • Repeal of the nursing home bed moratorium

The committee allowed time for public testimony, and SDAHO testified supporting the current moratorium and a strong request for proposal (RFP) process, already specified in statute. Also, the need for additional time to consider the implications of anticipated legislation was expressed. Of the seven draft bills, five will move forward for introduction to the full legislature in January. Two bills died, including one that proposed a complete repeal of the moratorium and another that provided for a financial incentive to relinquish excess unlicensed moratorium beds.

The draft legislation can be found here. The committee will file a final report with the E-board in the near future.