December distance learning opportunities

SDAHO is offering two opportunities for post-acute distance learning in December. On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Katie Williams, clinic instructor at the University of SOuth Dakota, will be leading an “Oral Assessments and Denture Care Update.”

Williams will discuss oral conditions as they correlate to the MDS reporting system. Using each item on the MDS, she will review oral conditions considered normal, abnormal but healthy and pathology that would require referral for dental care. She will also review the Reform of Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities released on Oct. 4. Best denture care practices will be identified and discussed in terms of handling, cleaning and assessment. The fee to participate in this webinar is $75 per connection per member facility.

On Thursday, Dec. 22, Jeri Lundgren, president of Senior Providers Resource, will lead a webinar focused on “Completing the OASIS-C2 Integumentary Items: Best Practices for Clinicians.”

OASIS-C2 is scheduled for implementation in Jan. 2017. The new version of OASIS-C2 includes some modifications in the Integumentary Status Item Set. Lundgren will discuss how to accurately complete the OASIS-C2 Integumentary Items. She will give in-depth training on how to accurately stage and describe pressure injuries (ulcers) and discuss how to handle discrepancies with the OASIS-C2 verses the 2016 National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel’s (NPUAP) new terminology and staging system. The fee to participate in this webinar is $150 per connection per member facility.

To register for these opportunities or for more information, visit our Education Events tab.