There is still time to register for the Thursday, Dec. 22, webinar featuring Jeri Lundgren, president of Senior Providers Resource, who will discuss “Completing the OASIS-C2 Integumentary Items: Best Practices for Clinicians.”

OASIS-C2 is scheduled for implementation in Jan. 2017. The new version of OASIS-C2 includes some modifications in the Integumentary Status Item Set. Lundgren will discuss how to accurately complete the OASIS-C2 Integumentary Items. She will give in-depth training on how to accurately stage and describe pressure injuries (ulcers) and discuss how to handle discrepancies with the OASIS-C2 verses the 2016 National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel’s (NPUAP) new terminology and staging system. The fee to participate in this webinar is $150 per connection per member facility.

To register for this event or for more information, visit our Education Events tab.