Community Support Providers (CSP) met with state agency officials last week to discuss the implementation of SB 147 – the act to establish a rate-setting methodology for services delivered by community-based health and human services providers.

State officials provided the consortium with an overview of the current provider rate settings. The consortium also worked on developing a review schedule based on qualifying criteria for CSPs.

  1. Access Issues
  2. Delta between cost report and reimbursement
  3. Service model changes required (such as by federal regulation) and time frame
  4. Reliance on state funding
  5. Impact, the amount of people served
  6. When the rate methodology was last reviewed

Items one thru three will be weighted higher, while points items four thru six will be considered if there is a tie between CSPs. Please let Jen Porter or Gil Johnson know of your concerns or other criteria needed to be addressed for developing the review schedule for CSPs.

In addition, the consortium addressed areas of focus related to terminology, methodology of rates and/or analysis, transparency and measures of success. The next consortium meeting will be held on July 20.