The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Connect2Health Task Force has announced it will convene several virtual listening sessions over several weeks, starting the week of August 7, 2017, to more efficiently facilitate targeted input on broadband health issues (including on the rural/urban gap and other digital divide issues) from non-traditional stakeholders and those outside the Washington, DC area. The schedule includes a health care provider forum the week of August 7, a rural and consumer issues forum the week of September 11, a technology and broadband services forum the week of September 18, and a policymakers forum the week of September 25.

Parties interested in participating in these virtual sessions should contact the Task Force by July 28, 2017, by sending an e-mail to, and inserting “Virtual Listening Session” in the subject line.  Parties are asked to identify the session(s) of interest; provide a brief personal biography; your contact information; a description of your organization (and/or link to your organization website), if applicable; and the extent of your availability (specify days and times, Eastern Standard Time) during the specified week.

The Task Force welcomes the participation of any interested party.  Once final schedules are determined, the Task Force will notify participants of the date and time of their selected session(s), as well as any additional information and instructions