The Biden Administration plans to end on May 11 the COVID-19 national and public health emergencies declared in 2020, according to a policy statement (Jan 30, 2023)

Hospital Preparedness

Healthcare Personnel

Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages 4/30/20

Employee Screening for COVID Information 3/18/20


Treatment Options

Interim Guidance for Life Support of Suspected or Confirmed Patient

NIH Treatment Guidelines

AAMC Clinical Guidance Repository 5/7/20

COVID-19 & Sepsis Resources

Critical Care Treatment of COVID-19 5/6/20


Triage/Assessments and Transfer

CDC Triage of Suspected Patients PowerPoint 4/6/20

CDC Triage of Suspected Patients 4/15/20

Washington UW Medicine Resources

AHRQ Triage Tool for EDs 5/2018


Mitigation Strategies

Multi Patient Ventilator Considerations 3/27/20

ECRI Ventilator Shortages

Single Ventilator to Support Multiple Patients 4/20



CDC’s 10 Effective Ways Healthcare Systems Operate 5/1/20

FDA Policy for Imaging Systems During COVID-19 4/20

Ethical Decision-Making Framework 3/27/20

HHS HIPAA Oversight Activities during COVID-19 

Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance 4/24/20

Universal Masking information 5/5/20

US Citizenship and Immigration Guidance During COVID 3/27/20


Surge Capacity

AHA Partnering to Address COVID-19 Toolkit 4/30/20

CDC Surge Based Tool 4/21/20

Example of Care Team Model During Surge 4/15/20

CMS Guidance for Freestanding EDs 4/21/20

CMS Guidance for ASCs Enrolling as Hospitals 4/3/20

Medical Surge Capacity Handbook 8/2010

Enhancing Medical Surge Capacity 4/2018


Alternative Care Site (ASC)

Alternate Care Toolkit: Third Edition  6/30/20

Alternate Care Site Toolkit Fact Sheet  6/20


Data Reporting

Hospital Reporting and FAQ-TeleTracking/HHS Protect UPDATED 1/12/21

CMS Interim Final Rule Hospital Reporting Guidance  10/6/20

Data Collection Portal Help 7/17/20

Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment


NETEC My PPE Guide Tool 3/24/21

PPE Preservation Planning Toolkit Factsheet  9/30/20

PPE Preservation Planning Guide 9/30/20

CDC N95 and Other Respirator Optimizing Supply  9/16/20

OSHA Facepiece Decontamination Guidance 4/24/20

CDC Guidance on Use of Elastomeric Respirators During Surge 4/20/20

NETEC Healthcare Workers and Masks 4/17/20

Decontamination and Reuse of Respirators 4/29/20

Cohorting to Conserve PPE 3/25/20

CDC Optimization of Isolation Gowns  10/9/20

ERCI Extended Use and Reuse of N95 Clinical Evidence 3/20

Reprocessing Eye Protection  10/27/20

N95 Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Decontamination and Reuse 4/10/20

CDC Strategies to Optimize PPE & Equipment 5/5/20

How to Make a Face Mask

One-page Conservation PPE 4/7/20

Conservation and Extended Use of PPE Videos and Guides

Elective Surgery and Procedure Recommendations 4/7/20


General PPE

CDC Wearing Masks as a Mitigation Strategy  8/18/20

CDC Use of Cloth Face Coverings 4/13/20

NIOSH Guidance for PAPRs 4/20

FDA Revised Guidance on Face Masks and Respirators 4/20

Universal Mask Policy and FAQs  5/19/20

Training for Proper use of PPE 4/18/20

PPE Burn Rate Calculator

CMS Guidance for Respirator and Mask Use by HCP

CDC FAQ on Protective Equipment 3/14/20

Donning and Doffing Video (7:05) 3/2/20

Donning: Step by Step Process 4/10/20

Doffing: Step by Step Process 4/10/20

Tyvek Suit Donning and Doffing Video (3:17) 7/2014

OSHA Temporary Enforcement N95 Mask 3/14/20

OSHA PPE Guidance

Post-Acute Preparedness

COVID19 Vaccination and Therapeutics in PALTC Toolkit: Resources for Clinicians 11/14/22

CMS public health actions for nursing homes concerning the Covid-19 public health emergency

CDC updated Nursing Home recommendations 2/1/22

CDC Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Access in Long-term Care Settings 1/3/22

AHRQ COVID-19 Resources Catalog for Nursing Homes 9/24/21

CDC Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations to Prevent Spread in Nursing Homes 9/10/21

Revised LTC Testing Requirements 9/10/21

CMS Interim Final Rule COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Requirements 5/11/21

Nursing Home Community Champions Video  5/4/21

CDC Managing New Admissions and Readmissions  3/29/21

CMS Factsheet on Nursing Home Visitation  3/10/21

CMS Memo-Nursing Home Visitation  3/10/21

CDC Nursing Home Testing Guidelines 1/7/21

Visitation Risk Assessment Link-Washington State 12/3/20

Post Vaccine Considerations for Residents 12/13/20

LeadingAge COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Resources 12/17/20

CMS/CDC Nursing Home COVID-19 Training FAQs  12/2020

CMS Nursing Home Resource Center 12/2020

CMS Flowchart on Payment in NH  12/2020

CMS Flowchart on Payment in NH

ASPR/Tracie Considerations for Long-Term Care Toolkit  9/20

CMS Public Reporting Tip Sheet 10/2020

CMS Memo LTC Requirements and Focused Survey Tool  8/26/2020

Person-Centered Care Planning Profile  8/2020

NHSN LTCF Information  7/6/20

CMS Hospice QRP Tip Sheet  7/20

CMS Memo on Changes to Nursing Home Compare 6/25/20

CMS FAQ on Nursing Home Visitations 6/24/20

CMS COVID-19 Nursing Home Weekly Data 6/7/20

CDC Nursing Home Testing Guidelines  9/10/20

SD DOH Point-Prevalence Survey in NH  6/11/20

SD DOH Sentinel Surveillance Testing in NH  6/11/20

CMS Memo COVID-19 NH Data Posting 6/4/20

CMS Memo COVID-19 NH Inspection Info 6/4/20

CMS Memo-Survey Activity, Funding, and Quality Improvement 6/1/20

CDC Assisted Living Considerations  5/29/20

CMS Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations  5/19/20

CMS Nursing Home Reopening FAQ 5/18/20

Post-Acute Healthcare Personnel Screening Form 5/20

CDC Memory Care Considerations  5/12/20

CMS Seema Letter to Nursing Homes  5/11/20

CMS Delayed MDS  5/11/20

CMS Toolkit to Mitigate COVID-19 Prevalence in Nursing Homes 8/2020

CDC NHSN Long-Term Care Facilities Module  7/28/20

LeadingAge CARES ACT FAQ 4/27/20

CMS Memo 5-Star, Staff Counts and FAQs 4/24/20

Joint Commission How to Prevent COVID in Nursing Care Centers

Resources for Nursing Home & Long-Term Care 8/26/20

Resident Interviews 4/20

CMS Memo Data Reporting 4/19/20

CDC Nursing Home Infection Preventionist Training 7/10/19

Long-Term Care Facility Transfer Scenarios 4/13/20

Waiver for Home and Community Based

Palliative Patient Care Guides

LTC Isolation and MDS Coding 4/2020

CAPC Toolkit and Response Efforts

Long-Term Care Facility Guidance Update 4/1/20

CMS Long-Term Care Nursing Home Telehealth Toolkit 3/27/20

CDC Checklist for Older Adults 5/8/20

CDC Nursing Home and other Long-Term Care Settings Checklist 5/7/20

Guidance for Retirement Communities and Independent Living 6/29/20


CDC/FEMA Resources

CDC updates COVID-19 infection control guidance for health care settings 9/26/22

CDC updates public health guidance for preventing COVID-19 illness 8/11/22

CDC updated guidance Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 1/21/22

CDC Guidance: Community Use of Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 12/6/21

COVID-19 Community Transmission Levels by County 9/17/21

Caring for Post-COVID Conditions 9/14/21

CDC Fully Vaccinated Recommendations 5/13/21

CDC Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID Vaccination  2/2/21

CDC All You need to Know on COVID-19 Vaccine  2/8/21

CDC FAQ on Covid-19 Vaccination  1/25/21

CDC Shares Responder Stories 2/9/21

CDC US New COVID-19 Variants 2/9/21

CDC All You need to Know on COVID-19 Vaccine 1/14/21

CDC Pfizer Vaccine Information 1/4/21

CDC NHSN Vaccination Tracking 12/21/20

CDC Vaccine Communication Confidence Checklist

CDC Communication Toolkit for Healthcare Providers 12/29/20

CDC Moderna Vaccine Information 12/22/20

CDC COVID Vaccines and Allergic Reaction Recommendations 12/31/20

CDC Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccinations Work 12/13/20

CDC People at Increased Risk  11/30/20

CDC Options to Reduce Quarantine for Contacts 12/2/20

CDC Lab Job Aids 11/30/20

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook  9/16/20

CDC Contact Tracing for COVID-19  10/21/20

CDC General Vaccination Guidance During a Pandemic  7/9/20

CDC Contact Tracing Notification Guide  8/27/20

CDC Skin Irritation from PPE  8/4/20

CDC Retirement Community Toolkit 7/21/20

CDC One Stop Shop Toolkits  7/10/20

CDC Guidance for US Healthcare Facilities  7/12/20

CDC Training for Healthcare Professionals  5/12/20

CDC Severe Illness Health Alert-Chloroquine Phosphate 3/27/20

CDC NHSN Data Collection Information 4/24/20

FEMA Information on Data Collection 4/10/20

Vice President Pence Letter to American Hospitals 3/29/20

CDC Hemodialysis Recommendations  8/24/20

CDC Consideration for Inpatient OB Settings 5/20/20

CDC Discontinuation of Transmission-Based Precautions in Healthcare 8/10/20

PUI Criteria 7/28/20

CDC Healthcare Personnel Risk Assessment Exposure 6/18/20

CDC’s Hospital Preparedness Checklist 3/25/20



CMS/Medicaid Resources

CMS to Require COVID-19 Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers 9/14/21

CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Policies & Guidance Page 5/10/21

CMS IP & C Recommendation with Fully COVID-19 Vaccination 4/27/21

CMS Memo Guidance for Emergency Preparedness Interpretive Guideline 3/25/21

CMS Memo Guidance on Emergency Preparedness Testing Exercise Requirements 9/28/20

CMS Memo Enforcement Cases Held during Prioritization 8/17/20

CMS Quality Payment Program COVID-19 Website 5/29/20

CMS FAQ CARES Act  4/11/20

CMS Memo Interim Final Rule Nursing Home Residents and Staff 5/6/20

CMS Memo Hospitals and CAH FAQs 3/30/20

CMS Memo EMTALA 3/30/20

CMS Coronavirus Partner Virtual Toolkit 5/8/20

CMS Memo Outpatient Settings 3/30/20

CMS Memo Psychiatric and Intermediate Care Facilities 3/30/20

CMS Memo Dialysis Facilities 3/30/20

CMS Expanded Flexibilities for RHCs 7/6/20

CMS Guidance for ASCs Enrolling as Hospitals  11/25/20

CMS Website for Waivers & Flexibilities 5/8/20

CMS Summary Blanket Waiver for Healthcare Providers UPDATED 2/19/2021

CMS Memo Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes 4/30/20

CMS MEMO Clinical Lab Guidance 3/26/20

CMS MEMO-Quality Reporting and Value-based Purchasing Program 3/27/20

CMS Quality Payment Program Factsheet 9/8/20

CMS Memo Nursing Home 3/23/20

CMS Quality Reporting Program Relief 3/22/20

CMS Memo Home Health 3/10/20

CMS Memo Hospice 3/9/20

CMS Survey Activities 3/4/20

CMS Emergency Declaration FAQ  8/20/20


Medicaid and CHIP

Medicaid and CHIP States Toolkit 4/23/20

Medicare Provider Enrollment Relief FAQ 7/2020

State Medicaid and Chip Agencies FAQ 6/30/20