Board of Nursing proposes changes to the unlicensed assistive personnel registry

The South Dakota Board of Nursing is proposing changes to the ARSD Chapter to amend the definition section to include a registrant and add the requirements for the operation of an unlicensed assistive personnel registry. Additionally, the rules define the application process for registration, renewal, reactivation requirements and a process for denial or removal from the registry.  The Board of Nursing will be hosting a public hearing on September 6th at 2 pm (Central Time).  The public hearing will take place at the DDN site located at the South Dakota University Center. Persons interested in presenting data, opinions, or arguments for or against the proposed rules may do so by appearing in person at the hearing or by sending information to the South Dakota Board of Nursing. Information sent by mail must reach the Board Office by September 1st to be considered. For more information, click here.