Quality, certification and oversight data now available on demand

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced a new initiative designed to increase transparency by making the results of survey and certification activity over the last 10 years available online.  While some of this data was previously available via the CMS Survey and Certification Providing Data Quickly (S&C PDQ) System, the functionality and ease of access to the information was limited.  CMS has now removed requirements for user accounts to access the data and created a new Quality and Certification Oversight Reports (QCOR) website, available here.

The data addresses information related to the following providers and suppliers: ambulatory surgical centers, CLIA laboratories, community mental health centers, comprehensive outpatient rehab facilities, dialysis facilities, federally qualified health centers, home health agencies, hospices, hospitals, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, nursing homes, outpatient physical therapy/speech pathology, portable x-ray suppliers, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and rural health clinics.

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