SD Legislature moves into high gear; opposition to SB 87 strengthens

It is full speed ahead at the South Dakota legislature. As of this morning, 445  bills have been introduced.  The Council on Public Policy has reviewed bills more than 30 bills and potential legislative issues. The Bill Monitor page on has a listing of the bills that are being tracked and the latest legislative action taken.

Of significant importance, the Association advocacy team continues to work together with a coalition to oppose SB 87.  If passed, this bill would impose serious burdens on health care providers to enforce “no firearms” policies. The legislation would require the use of electronic devices and/or trained personnel as a condition of having a firearm-free zone or area.

Health care leaders from across the state have been asked to contact their state senator requesting opposition to the bill. The Senate is expected to take up the legislation on the floor later today and there is the potential for adding language that might be beneficial for health care facilities.

In addition, we are actively supporting several initiatives that would enhance workforce development for health care.  The Governor has proposed (but not introduced) legislation that would work towards a multi-state compact for occupational licensing.  Details of this proposal are still being discussed, however, other legislation, such as HB 1040 will help break the log jam for licensing of professional counselors, professional counselors-mental health or marriage and family therapists licensed in another state.