Associate Member Spotlight – Casey Peterson

This week’s Associate Member Spotlight is on Casey Peterson, Ltd. Mark Lyons, CPA and Managing Shareholder, was interviewed for this story.

What services and/or products does Casey Peterson, Ltd. provide?

Casey Peterson, Ltd. provides traditional public accounting services such as taxes, accounting and audit services. In addition, the firm provides numerous specialty services such as health care consulting, financial planning, litigation support and valuation services among various other unique services.

Health care services are unique – Casey Peterson, Ltd. has professionals that work as interim CFOs and controllers. These professionals work with on-staff hospital administrators and other healthcare professionals to have a real understanding of the health care world. Those same professionals are also involved in rural health care reimbursement and operational consulting work, as well as audit work. The firm also employs a former hospital and nursing home administrator to help create value for our clients.

When did Casey Peterson, Ltd. open?
Casey Peterson opened the firm in 1977. The firm is celebrating 40 years this year.

Who owns Casey Peterson, Ltd.?
The corporation is made up of eight shareholders: Casey Peterson, Mark Lyons, Cheryl Kenitzer, Deidre Budahl, John Mitchell, Kayce Gerlach, Kevin Eggebraaten and Michael P. Dell.

How long has Casey Peterson, Ltd. been an Associate Member of SDAHO?

Since March 2017.

How has Casey Peterson, Ltd. grown and/or changed over the years?

Since being founded in 1977, Casey Peterson, Ltd. has grown into a multi-specialty practice. Health care is one of many areas of specialty which also include agriculture, construction, government, non-profit and tourism/hospitality.

The firm added a second office in Gillette, WY in 2009. Casey Peterson, Ltd. provides services locally and regionally, as well as nationwide. A few employees are even located remotely in areas such as Alabama and Nebraska.

Casey Peterson, Ltd. prides itself on being entrepreneurial and thinking outside of the box to provide the highest level of client service in all areas.

Where is the business located?

There is an office in Rapid City, SD, plus another one in Gillette, WY.

Does Casey Peterson, Ltd. have a business slogan or motto?

“Leading the Way” – This applies to many areas of practice, whether talking about leading the way in the community, the industry or in personal development.

What is something people might be surprised to know about Casey Peterson, Ltd.?

The company is heavily involved in our communities. In 2017 the firm won the Black Hills Spirit of Volunteerism award.

Also, Casey Peterson, Ltd. offers a program called Helping You Help Others, which is a community program that offers pro bono work for Black Hills non-profit organizations. An application process is used and more information can be found at The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2018.

Casey Peterson, Ltd. is always looking for ways to add more value for their clients. This innovative thinking allows Casey Peterson, Ltd. the opportunity to improve its service delivery model.

How can people get in touch with Casey Peterson, Ltd.?

Contact Mark Lyons, CPA at

What is Casey Peterson Ltd.’s website?

It is; for the healthcare team, click here.