Funding for affordable senior housing in jeopardy

The Trump Administration has proposed to cut funding for affordable housing at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by 22 percent, which could mean that seniors, families and people with disabilities could lose the rental assistance they receive, putting them at immediate risk for displacement.

HUD provides affordable housing to 1.5 million senior households, which currently does not meet the demand as homelessness among seniors is increasing.

Contact the South Dakota congressional delegation today with the following request:

  • Maintain funding for HUD-assisted senior housing to ensure our homes are preserved.
  • Support new construction funds for affordable housing.
  • Renew contracts for existing homes.
  • Reject the 22 percent HUD budget cut sought by the administration.
  • Oppose any proposal to raise rents for residents of HUD-assisted housing.

Contact Information:

Sen. Mike Rounds – Call (202) 224-5842 or email Sen. Rounds.
Sen. John Thune – Call (202) 224-2321 or email Sen. Thune.
Rep. Kristi Noem – Call (202) 225-2801 or email Rep. Noem.