SDAHO receives a six-month Compass HIIN extension

On Sept. 10 Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) Compass Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIIN), which includes 42 South Dakota hospitals supported by the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO), received a six-month extension from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This will allow SD Compass HIIN hospital work to continue through March 2019. IHC will pursue an additional year of the HIIN contract after the six-month extension.

The six-month extension will continue to build on SD HIIN hospitals’ work toward the goals of a 20 percent reduction in hospital-acquired conditions and a 12 percent reduction in readmissions. Currently, 153 hospitals and health systems are participating in Compass HIIN by measuring performance in 11 core focus areas and implementing best practice improvements. Jennifer Kok, SDAHO’s improvement advisor, will continue to conduct site visits to assist members in their HIIN efforts.