Senate Health & Human Services Committee Action

The Senate Health & Human Services Committee met for one day this week, scheduled Feb 8, to hear 3 bills.

Feb 8, the committee will hear three bills.

SB 70     revise certain provisions regarding hospital liens.

If a hospital creates a lien and a health insurance provider is subsequently identified by or on behalf of the injured person, the hospital shall submit for payment any reasonable and necessary charge for treatment. The Council on Public Policy has agreed to oppose the legislation; however, proponents are now circulating potential amendments that would clear up the opposition. This will be pending action Friday morning in the committee hearing.

SB 85      revise the deadline for the Department of Health’s annual report regarding abortions.

The bill moves the report date from November 15th to July 1st for reporting of the data regarding abortions in South Dakota. Bill action is pending the hearing Friday morning.

HB 1121  repeal certain provisions regarding health inspections of food service establishments.

Current state law mandates the Secretary of Health to inspect or cause to be inspected at least twice annually every food service establishment and mobile food service establishment licensed in the state for compliance with Chapter 34-18-25.

Bill action is pending the hearing Friday morning.​