Top 10 Health Technology Hazards

ECRI Institute released its version of 2020’s Top 10 list of health technology hazards  to inform healthcare facilities about important safety issues involving the use of medical devices and systems. To read the full Executive Brief.

The List for 2020 Include:​
1. Misuse of Surgical Staplers
2. Adoption of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Is Outpacing Safeguards
 3. Infection Risks from Sterile Processing Errors in Medical and Dental Offices
4. Hemodialysis Risks with Central Venous Catheters—Will the Home Dialysis Push Increase the Dangers?
5. Unproven Surgical Robotic Procedures May Put Patients at Risk
6. Alarm, Alert, and Notification Overload
7. Cyber Security​ Risks in the Connected Home Healthcare Environment
8. Missing Implant Data Can Delay or Add Danger to MRI Scans
9. Medication Errors from Dose Timing Discrepancies in EHRs
10. Loose Nuts and Bolts Can Lead to Catastrophic Device Failures and Severe Injury