Recording Available: Operationalizing Frailty to the Most Vulnerable Population

Did you miss the Frailty and Palliative Care event in Deadwood? Are you interested in learning about frailty and how to approach and identify patients at clinical risk? If so, you have the opportunity to purchase this recording and learn more.

Discover ​how Steven Buslovich, MD, has operationalized frailty by measuring risk using MDS data and a health risk assessment, decreasing the time for a comprehensive geriatric health-risk assessment from 2 hours to 15 minutes. With limited time, resource constraints and the growing frail/elder population, providers need data that is meaningful and actionable to positively impact our patient populations and identify and determine how to best care for those at most risk.

Also included in this recording is Dr. Andrea Baier, MD, Medical Director of the Hospice and Palliative Care programs at Monument Health System. Dr. Baier provided an overview of palliative care and discussed how to use frailty to indicate the initiation of palliative care.

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session with Dr. Buslovich, Dr. Baier and audience engagement. The audience covered the entire continuum of care from physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, home health and hospice. They shared challenges surrounding operationalizing frailty and palliative care, the misconceptions surrounding hospice, steps to take to operationalize frailty across the continuum, and deprescribing medication for the frail population.

Your purchase ($199) of these presentations will include a copy of the PowerPoint presentations, side-by-side view of the presenter and presentation, and access to the three session presentations. To purchase the recording and additional resources, click here.