Community Health and Hospitals Against Violence

Community Health Improvement (CHI) Week is June 1-5 and celebrates people coming together to create healthier communities which has never been more important than now. The American Hospital Association (AHA) will be sharing stories about hospital-community partnerships. CHI Week is about people making a positive impact to protect the health of their communities and to take care of each other during these challenging times. Submit your story to honor and thank those individuals for their acts of bravery, kindness, care and support during COVID-19.​

Join the us in celebrating CHI Week and honoring the dedication, courage and kindness of hospital and community health professionals whose service helps us enjoy healthier and happier lives. Visit for more information, and follow @ahahospitals and @communityhlth for CHI Week updates.

Rounding out the week, on June 5 the AHA’s Hospitals Against Violence initiative will be encouraging everyone to stand together for (#HAVhope) Friday. #HAVhope day is a national day of awareness uniting hospitals, health systems, nurses, doctors and other professionals to mitigate violence. Take part by highlighting efforts in preventing workplace safety, learn more here.