Sunday, January 24, 2021

2021 Education

As healthcare moves forward and adapts to the changes resulting from the pandemic, SDAHO has customized its 2021 educational programming to offer a variety of timely healthcare topics and continuing education credits, virtually. To meet the needs of our members, we’ve developed six webinar series to address topics for the entire healthcare continuum throughout the year of 2021. 

SDAHO member facilities can select one or all courses to purchase for their entire staff. This will allow SDAHO members to have access to continuing education, on-demand or recorded webinars, and handouts. 

Members Only

Get access to all the courses listed below for one registration fee for your entire facility! This package has over 50 webinars, plus CEUs and access to recordings.

Preparing South Dakota Healthcare for the Legalization of Marijuana

Included topics:

  • Overview of Constitutional Amendment/Initiated Measure
  • CBD and Medical Marijuana Use in Healthcare
  • Cannabis: Where are we Now?
  • Human Resource Implications
  • Healthcare Implementation & Experiences from Other States
  • Medical Marijuana in Long-Term Care Settings
  • End of Life & Medical Marijuana
  • Risk Management & Employment Law
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Regulatory & Compliance

Included topics:

  • The Basics of Infection Prevention and Control
  • Nursing Home Regulatory Update
  • CMS Conditions of Participation – Acute
  • 340B
  • Medicaid Program Integrity
  • Ligature Risk and Suicide
  • Home Health & Regulatory Update
  • Regulatory & Compliance in LTC
  • EMTALA (3-part series)


Human Resources & Risk Management

Included topics:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • The Hidden Dangers of Minors and Legal Risk
  • Managing Difficult Employees: One Conversation at a Time
  • Dangerous Encounters: Active Shooter Response
  • SD Workforce Innovations for Recruitment and Retention Programs
  • Physician Retention & Recruitment
  • Workplace Violence
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Healthcare HR Legal Update
  • Wage & Labor Laws in Home Care



Included topics:

  • Team Culture
  • Conflict is a Good Thing
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Healthcare Leadership & Communication


Included topics:

  • Governance 101
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Fiduciary Duty



Included topics:

  • Goin’ Old School – Non-pharmaceutical interventions for Geriatric Behavioral Disturbance
  • Creative Activities in LTC
  • Frailty
  • Healthcare Patient Communication
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
  • Making Activities Meaningful for Clients with Dementia
  • Managing the Psychiatric Patient in General Medical Settings… Surprise! It Works
  • Infection Control & Prevention, A Pro-Active Approach – Strategies to Achieve Early Detection of Infectious Disease
  • Behavioral Health & Youth
  • Trauma-Informed Care for LTC
  • Wound Care & Infections
  • Organ Donation
  • Substance Abuse & Available Programs in SD
  • Immunizations & Vaccine



Included topics:

  • Caring for Self in the Midst of a Pandemic
  • Resiliency in Healthcare
  • Compassion Fatigue/Compassion Satisfaction
  • Mental Health & Stress of Practitioners




  • Cannabis: Where are We Now? | January 13, 1pm CST
    • Cannabis has been the focus of considerable debate, advocacy, and policy, generating both interest and misinformation.This presentation will provide an overview of cannabis and cannabinoid terminology, current regulations, and web-based resources available for continued learning.
    • Key Learning Objectives:
      • Describe the cannabis & cannabinoid terminology.
      • Explain FDA-approved and non-FDA-approved cannabis-based products.
      • Overview of current regulation of cannabis-based products in the US.
      • Share web-based resources for continued learning.
      • Provide an up-to-date view into the ever changing state and federal legal status of cannabis broadly, and CBD more specifically, so that healthcare professionals are equipped to support patients and their families navigating both FDA-approved prescription medicines and unapproved products derived from cannabis.
  • Human Resource Implications | February 25, 11am CST
  • Impact of CBD and Medical Marijuana in Senior Living | March 16, 1 pm CST
    • As South Dakota has recently legalized recreational and medical cannabis, we plan to explore what this means for senior living providers and how to address these changes.

      During this webinar we plan to examine the following:

      • Explore the conflict between state and federal laws that impact how senior living providers address cannabis use by residents and staff.
      • Consider legal and practical differences between the use of medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products.
      • Identify best practices for mitigating risk if permitting or identifying cannabis use by residents or staff.
  • Medical Marijuana in Long-Term Care Settings | April 2021
  • End of Life & Medical Marijuana | May 2021
  • Risk Management & Employment Law | June 2021
  • Overview of Constitutional Amendment/Initiated Measure | Recorded Informational session with Tim Rave and Sarah Aker
  • CBD and Medical Marijuana Use in Healthcare | Recorded Session