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Care For Caregivers to Win the Staffing Battle

Retaining quality clinicians must be a priority for quality patient care. When asked, 94.8% of hospitals say they view retention as a “key strategic imperative” and to a lesser degree, is evident in operational practice/planning. Almost all hospitals have retention initiatives (80.7%), however, only half (51.4%) have tied these to a measurable goal. Measurable goals need to be a component of retention strategies.

​The pandemic has revealed pain points and provided some “must have” elements for any retention strategy, to address the ‘Great Resignation’ in the healthcare sector. Some steps to increase retention include reducing burnout and fatigue, supporting flexible work arrangements, creating a better culture, introducing proactive communication, and having a proactive strategy that can deliver travelers who fit.

  • Reduce burnout and fatigue. Offer mental and emotional support for employees and balance your staff with traveling clinicians as needed. Consider practical changes to both shifts and hours, even to the point of re-considering the standard 12-hour shift.
  • Reinvent flexibility. Flexible work arrangements extend beyond altered schedules and shift changes. For clinicians, it can mean the security of continued employment before and after a travel contract. The loyalty gained from varied flexibility will help reduce burnout, supporting retention efforts.
  • Create and change the culture. Create learning and development opportunities with mentoring programs between senior and junior clinicians that can help close or avoid the critical knowledge and experience gap created by hiring new staff. As patient care becomes more complex, additional focus on strengthening the pipeline may be your strategy to help close this gap.
  • Introduce proactive communication. Improve the frequency and method of communication with staff, so they know they are seen and heard. With open, candid discussions about career goals and future plans, you can acknowledge their workplace values and gain insight into what you can do to retain them.
  • Find travelers who fit. Identify where you have staffing gaps or potential gaps at all levels of the organization and find a strategic partner to help fill them. This can help you prevent a short-term crisis and better plan for future needs. Finding quality travelers with the right clinical background as well as fit with your community can help prevent churn or create the opportunity to hire them as permanent staff.

Quality clinicians are in great demand and short supply. The reality of that labor market may remain for quite some time. Strategically planning to retain existing staff and augment units with travelers can help bridge the gap.

View the entire blog post, How Retention is the New Recruitment from Medical Solutions.

Connect with Rory Audino at 402.986.5167 or rory.audino@medicalsolutions.com at Medical Solutions for more information.

About Medical Solutions:

SDAHO Enterprises Endorsed Business Partner Medical Solutions connects care by staffing amazing facilities nationwide with skilled healthcare professionals. Since launching in 2001, Medical Solutions has aimed to provide service that inspires to Medical Solution’s interconnected family of travel nurses, travel allied health professionals, and client hospitals and facilities.

The SDAHO Enterprises Endorsed Business Partner program was established to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our member hospitals and long-term care facilities across the healthcare continuum. The business partners selected are expected to meet high-quality standards and offer products or services which are designed to assist healthcare facilities avoid costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity, develop staff resources, and apply new innovative strategies.

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