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June’s Education: Antipsychotics, Guardianship, Ethics and Workforce Planning

​What do antipsychotics and ethics in healthcare have in common? They are both education topics in June!

SDAHO is excited to share our education and professional development opportunities for the month of June. As a reminder, all SDAHO-hosted virtual education will be provided to SDAHO members for no additional cost and these opportunities will be housed on SDAHO’s Member Portal. We encourage you and those within your facility to register within SDAHO’s Member Portal to view upcoming education and recorded sessions, access the membership directory, and register for events. To sign in, visit here.

June 2 | Antipsychotics and Gradual Dose Reduction | Presenter: Anna Meyer, Avera LTC Pharmacy (CE’s: NHA & SW)

To continue or not to continue? In an effort to enhance the quality of life for post-acute care residents, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in recent years has adopted regulatory guidelines that target the use of psychotropic medications. These regulations have encouraged clinicians to minimize the use of “unnecessary medications” in post-acute care settings and, whenever possible, rely on non-pharmacological interventions to treat mood and behavioral issues. Meeting these expectations can be challenging for post-acute facilities – especially those with limited access to mental health professionals – and can lead to survey problems.

This presentation will discuss strategies to effectively reduce antipsychotic medications and the importance of good documentation and a supportive interdisciplinary team. Attendees will also learn about the relationship between pain management and psychotropic medication.

June 7 | Managing Up | Presenter: Mary Sand, Sand Consulting (CE’s: NHA & SW)

The term ‘managing up’ means consciously working with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss and your organization. To accomplish this one has to have self-awareness and an understanding of the communication preferences of your boss, the challenges he/she faces, approach to decision making, how recognition is given, etc. In this session we’ll explore these topics and consider opportunities to improve the working relationship between you and your boss. Even a strong working relationship can benefit from the information that will be presented.

June 9 | Top 10 Employment Laws Every Manager Should Know | Presenter: COPIC (CE’s: NHA)
Learn about the top 10 Employment Laws Every Manager Should Know (ADA, ADEA, Title VII, FCRA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA, NLRA, OSHA, Worker’s Compensation).

One of the biggest areas of risk in practices today is complying with top employment laws. You don’t have to be an expert, but knowing the fundamentals of each law and how they interact is crucial to knowing when you need help. 

June 14 | Leadership for Dining Success: Maximize Your Communities Potential | Presenter: Strategic Dining Services (CE’s: NHA & SW)

Leadership skill development in every department is important for personal and professional growth and continued improvement. The dining department team as well as the community leadership can benefit from this discussion. The areas covered in this presentation include becoming strong stewards of the dining budget, from creation to accountability, what to consider when planning an efficient and effective menu with variety and consistency and developing accountability for improved outcomes at all levels of the department.  By focusing on these department foundations, attendees can establish goals and targets for success that support the success of the community.
June 16 | Shining a Spotlight on SANEs | Presenters: Kristi Kranz & Jen Canton (Certificate of Attendance)
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) play a very important role to the victims that walk through their doors after having likely one of the worst experiences of their lives. It is imperative that our state continues to recruit and support these specialized nurses to both provide both trauma-informed medical care and to also collect the forensic evidence that may be necessary to help the prosecution throughout the court system. Please join us to learn more about the exciting SANE efforts taking place in South Dakota and to hear directly from one of the most experienced SANE nurses in South Dakota!

June 21Who Can Act for Your Resident?  What Are They Required to Do? Guardianships, Powers of Attorneys and Supported Decision Making in Post-Acute Care | Presenter: Sean Fahey (CE’s: NHA & SW)

What are your options if a bad actor is in place? Often residents are no longer able to capably handle their own financial and health care decisions. This lack of capacity can have significant legal and financial consequences for the provider, including securing payment and Medicaid benefits. The resident may not be able to execute contracts, access income or resources, or make decisions regarding health and finances. Administrators, Executive Directors, and in-house counsel for providers are frequently placed in the middle of identifying who can act and assessing what powers certain legal documents grant (and do not grant) to family members. We will also cover supported decision-making agreements that a resident can sign that further confuse who providers should look to for decisions.
June 23 | Margin Improvement through Workforce Planning & Staffing Solutions | Presenter: BKD (CE’s: NHA)
Health care continues to see eroding margins, and the pandemic crisis has created new focus. Through the use of data analytics, benchmarking and executing a systematic strategic plan, a clear path can be established to improved workforce performance and staffing solutions. The importance of analytics, operational efficiency planning, and ongoing monitoring will give participants tools to address improving profitability. Case study’s will be reviewed to assist participants.
CMS provides a free report each year to allow you to see what CMS sees… and if you are an outlier at risk for being seen as “too SPICY”- because of your utilization and billing patterns. The data in the PEPPER report is a great chance to see your reflection and get a pulse on risk areas, growth opportunities, as well as any areas that may be reported incorrectly.
This “hands-on” session will provide a tool to ensure you are able to obtain your own PEPPER report prior to the webinar- and allow you the chance to have our expert review these reports prior to the webinar, for free! We may use some of the (anonymously, of course) concerns found during the webinar- and will ensure that everyone is empowered with their own data -and will know how to incorporate this into your QAPI plan, to ensure changes are made as needed!

June 30Organizational Ethics in Healthcare:  an Executive Perspective | Presenter:  Mick Gibbs (CE’s: NHA & SW)

Healthcare is rewarding, complex and sometimes challenging.  When making decisions on whether something is safe or unsafe, right or wrong…these can become an ethical dilemmas. This session will examine ethical principles and awareness of how you and organizations approach ethical decision making. Then, using case-based scenarios and learned principles, attendees will challenge or validate ethical thought processes.

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