Summer Trustee Newsletter Now Available

The Trustee Quarterly newsletter for summer 2023 is now available, with the theme focusing on why trustee advocacy matters. Trustees often become so consumed with organizational issues and challenges that they lose sight of the need to consistently connect in meaningful ways with their communities. Hospital and health system boards have a unique opportunity to broaden their impact by ensuring that their organizations engage with the community and stakeholders at the local, regional, and national level.

One of the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO’s) five areas of responsibility is advocacy, it’s part of our mission and highly focused on throughout the year. SDAHO actively participates in the traditional form of advocacy such as lobbying efforts both at the state and federal level. However, advocacy comes in many forms and must be made a priority to be successful.  Whether at the state legislature in Pierre or in Washington D.C, SDAHO has cultivated relationships with policymakers that allow advocacy and lobbying efforts to happen in a way that is impactful for our members and ultimately the healthcare industry.

Healthcare continues to face challenges, that include workforce shortages, financial woes, infrastructure and building needs, to struggles with transitions of care. As the industry focuses on solutions to these challenges, SDAHO is honored to be at the table for these conversations. During the 2023 Legislative session, lawmakers assigned policymakers and stakeholders to take part in the Study Committee on Sustainable Models for Long Term Care. SDAHO has several staff who are part of this committee, providing testimony on behalf of members, providing data/documentation to members of the committee, and participating in working groups focusing on specific areas.  To read the summer trustee newsletter in its entirety, click here.
​The SDAHO Trustee Resource Center website is a robust library of resources from GovernWell. GovernWell offers a single source of valuable governance programs, board briefs, templates and tools that will help enable administrators and trustees to practice better governance and ensure better health care for their community. Visit to check it out.