SDAHO is Hiring: Seeking Workforce Development Coordinator

The South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Healthcare Workforce Development Coordinator.

SDAHO was recently awarded the Rural Health Network Development Grant through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The project will create a network of healthcare organizations and community partners called South Dakota Rural Workforce Network (SDRWN). The purpose of the project is to improve access to healthcare services in rural South Dakota by developing an all-inclusive pipeline of rural healthcare essential workers.

Grant funds are being used to hire a Healthcare Workforce Development Coordinator. This 4-year role will be part of SDAHO’s Healthcare, Research, Education & Trust non-profit division. The Workforce Coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of the Associations strategies and approaches to address the needs of SDAHO members related to supply, recruitment, and retention of the health care workforce.

The project will target rural ethnic and racial minorities, refugees, second career adults and high school students. The expected program outcomes and community impact include a stable pipeline of essential healthcare workers to serve the rural healthcare facilities throughout rural South Dakota. In addition, the project will help improve economic stability in those communities where new essential healthcare workers reside.

For more information about the SDAHO Healthcare Workforce Development Coordinator, view job description and/or job application click here. For questions about the South Dakota Rural Workforce Network (SDRWN) Grant, contact