Daugaard says he remains committed to Medicaid expansion

Gov. Dennis Daugaard says he remains committed to Medicaid expansion in South Dakota and will move forward on the issue “when the time is right.”

Daugaard decided last week to forgo a special legislative session to tackle the issue after hearing from legislators who wanted more time to study his plan.

The governor sent a letter to the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO) and more than 60 other supporting organizations, thanking coalition members for their patience and understanding. Daugaard said South Dakota has a good plan that would increase health care access at no additional state cost and guarantee the federal government won’t shift its responsibility to pay for Native American health care to the state.

“I appreciate your continued support and engagement on this issue,” Daugaard wrote. “I’m optimistic, with further consideration, there will be legislative support in the 2017 Legislative Session in January.”