The Substance Abuse Prevention Committee met for the third time on Wednesday Aug. 17. The discussion centered on the challenges of fighting methamphetamine and other drug-related problems that are occurring, especially in reservation communities.

Tim Purdon, a former U.S. Attorney from North Dakota who is now a partner at Robins Kaplan LLP, advocated for combining prevention programs with enforcement efforts and crime prevention efforts for those who are re-entering reservation communities.

The committee also heard testimony from representatives of Good Earth Television, which engages Native Americans who suffer from the harmful effect of drug additions on the reservations. Programing uses real-life vignettes focused on empowering a child or an adult who is a victim of abuse when drugs are involved. The television network reaches 6.5 million viewers a year.

Discussion on possible future legislation focused on prevention options and tracking prescription drugs. The committee will coordinate its efforts with the governor or attorney general prior to advancing legislation from the committee. At their next meeting, the committee will discuss a draft of proposed legislation. The meeting will be held through teleconference at an undetermined date.