The Payment Methodologies for Medicaid Providers Interim Study reconvened for its second meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 17. Much of the first meeting was education to legislators on the current Medicaid payment system. To start the second meeting, legislators requested public testimony from Medicaid providers on payer mix, reimbursement rates, workforce and recent trends in costs. SDAHO would like to thank the following members in providing public testimony:

  • Avera Health – Tony Erickson, executive director, Avera Sister James Care Center; Mark Burket, president/CEO Platte Healthcare Center Avera; Sandra Dieleman, president/CEO Avera@Home
  • Rapid City Regional Health – Dave Goehring, treasurer, Regional Health; and Sharon Simmons, corporate reimbursement manager, Regional Health Budget and Reimbursement
  • Bennett County Hospital – Mark Lyons, CPA managing shareholder/healthcare team leader, Casey Peterson & Associates Ltd.
  • Sanford Health – Erica Peterson, senior director, Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center

After public testimony, Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger, deputy secretary of the Department of Social Services (DSS), presented follow up to committee questions from the June 27 meeting (See Committee Questions). In addition, DSS provided an update to the Health Home Program (See Provider Rate Setting Process presentation).

The following day kicked off with a presentation from Kim Malsam-Rysdon, secretary of Department of Health (DOH), on the Future of Long Term Care in South Dakota (See SD DOH presentation). The meeting closed from a presentation from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCLS) Allan I. Bergman, from High Impact Mission-based Consulting and Training presenting on Innovative Ways to Use Medicaid Funding and Reimbursements to Create Incentives for Promoting Integrated Community Services and Supports for Individuals of All Ages (See Allan Bergman Presentation).

The next meeting of the Payment Methodologies for Medicaid Providers is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 27, starting at 10 a.m. to discuss directives for recommendations.