HEN 2.0 ends with success

The Partnership for Patients (PfP) Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) 2.0 project ended on September 23, 2016, with a number of HEN 2.0 hospital winners announced ahead of the closing session on population health at SDAHO’s 90th Annual Convention. Winners included:

  • Angie Herrick, Sanford Aberdeen, for most attendance at in-person and online education events
  • Avera Gettysburg Hospital for most improved in overall quality measures reported
  • Winner Regional Healthcare Center for most cost savings
  • Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital for greatest reduction in readmissions
  • Platte Health Center Avera for meeting goals on all applicable quality measures reported

Winners received an award trophy, and each hospital will receive a complimentary quality track registration to next year’s convention in Rapid City.

South Dakota achieved Milestone IV objectives, and financial incentives will be distributed by the end of October. Overall results of HEN 2.0 will be shared once we receive approval by CMS.

As the HEN 2.0 project closes, AHA/HRET has provided video vignettes from around the nation as a resource for best practices. The video vignettes can be found here.

One of the vignettes is from Angie Herrick, performance improvement/risk management coordinator for Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center, who speaks about reducing readmissions.