Regional Health announced this week that it will embark on a multi-year renovation and expansion of Rapid City Regional Hospital and build a state-of-the-art Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute at the Buffalo Crossing development in Rapid City.

Regional Health officials say the phased expansion project will include new construction and renovation of Rapid City Regional Hospital and its campus, with preliminary plans including:

  • Making all current patient rooms private and adding additional private patient care units
  • Expansion of the emergency
  • A new, main entrance
  • Addition of a new hospital office building for specialty services attached to the hospital
  • Construction of new parking structures, including covered parking, for the convenience of patients, visitors, physicians and caregivers.

The Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute will encompass physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers and other specialists addressing orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues and sports-related injuries. The facility will also include a performance and athletic enhancement center to help residents enjoy everyday activities and train elite athletes.

View Regional Health’s full news release here.