In just a couple of weeks, the 2017 Annual SDAHO Compensation and Benefits Survey collection process begins, and we wanted to notify you of an update we are making to the January survey. Turnover and vacancy is an ongoing concern for South Dakota providers. We are adding a workforce component to the compensation survey, which will collect valuable information on vacancies and separations for approximately 30 key health care positions. The final workforce report will be released in July and will include position-by-position data to assist with members workforce planning.

As in past years, SDAHO will send an email containing your login information in January. You will have until early February to complete the survey. If you typically upload your salary information through the Excel spreadsheet, you will simply find an additional tab with the workforce questions. For those who enter their salary data online through the Quick Input Form, you will complete the workforce section with a provided spreadsheet. If you are not the appropriate person to submit workforce data, you may share the Excel spreadsheet with the correct person. It will contain instructions for emailing the spreadsheet upon completion.

The compensation results will be released in April. However, please note only members who complete the survey in its entirety will receive access to the compensation results. We are certain you will find this expanded survey to be a beneficial resource in your compensation planning. If you have any questions about the upcoming survey, please contact Gil Johnson with SDAHO at (605) 361-2281.