State office releases rural health clinic most common deficiencies

The South Dakota Office of Licensure and Certification has released the most common deficiencies for rural health clinics.

The office says one of the most commonly cited ares of deficiency is failure to conduct an annual program evaluation. Each year, a rural health clinic (RHC) is required to evaluate its operation, a requirement found at CFR 491.11. Failure to do so results in a condition level deficiency and up to 10 additional standard level deficiencies. The purpose of the annual program evaluation is to identify ways to better serve the clinic’s s community, and an important part of the evaluation is the assessment of the findings and addressing how to improve services.

Another common deficient practice identified during surveys is the lack of required individuals to develop policies and the annual review of policies by that group. The group must consist of a physician, a mid-level provider and a non-clinic staff member. The requirements are located at CFR 491.(b)(2) and (b)(4), respectively.

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