Group of doctors standing consulting patient records on a tablet computer, close up view

Employee turnover is an ongoing concern for South Dakota health care organizations, since workforce volatility can profoundly impact patient outcomes and satisfaction. Gaining an understanding of how your organization compares to your peers in turnover and vacancies is the first step in designing a plan to create a culture of engagement and loyalty.

At the membership’s request, we added a workforce component to the 2017 compensation survey, which collected valuable information on vacancies and separations for approximately 30 key healthcare positions. The final report includes position-by-position data to assist with your workforce planning.

SDAHO and Compdata Surveys/Consulting released the 2017 SDAHO Workforce Report on July 10, 2017. All SDAHO members who participated in the Workforce Survey will receive an email with a link to the report. We are certain you will find this expanded survey to be a beneficial resource. If you have any questions regarding the Workforce Report, please contact Gil Johnson with SDAHO at 605-361-2281 or Sarah Wheaton with Compdata Surveys & Consulting at (800) 300-9570.