As South Dakotans, and all Americans, reflect on recent events in our country, our thoughts, prayers, and praise goes out to the amazing group of people who have shared their talents and “labor” in countless ways to assist the victims of hurricane Harvey.

In the aftermath of this disaster, the world has witnessed the importance of coordination of work efforts to save lives and move forward in times of significant adversity. The actions correlate to those who care for others as their life work.

The South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations recognizes the dedicated health care professionals throughout the state and especially those who are serving those in need in Texas during this time. We extend a sincere and heartfelt message of appreciation to all who share of their talents and gifts in the service of those in need.

Given the daunting cleanup and restoration work that lies ahead, the timing is fortuitous to reflect on why we celebrate Labor Day and the benefits of an engaged and productive workforce. May one and all take time this Labor Day to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives!