SDAHO Enterprises has entered into an Endorsed Business Program with Managed Care Advisory Group, LLC (MCAG) to offer members a class action settlement recovery service. MCAG will assist interested members in identifying and recovering significant funds from current and future class action settlements.

MCAG has worked closely with thousands of physician practices and hundreds of hospitals to assist in the management of class action opportunities. Health care organizations are frequently eligible for participating in class action settlements and MCAG has distributed over $300 million to thousands of customers as a result of this service.

Through this agreement, MCAG will track relevant settlements on behalf of members, identify opportunities that are meaningful and assist in filing claims for payment. MCAG is also available to help review settlement notices that are sent directly to your organizations. The service is provided on a contingency fee basis. Members will not receive any invoices or bills, and MCAG only receives payment when an organization recovers settlement funds.

Upcoming class action settlements for hospitals

MCAG has identified several pending class action settlements in which many South Dakota hospitals and post-acute facilities are eligible to participate. The following class action settlements may be applicable to members:

  • Optical Disk Drive (ODD) Settlement – $180 Million – claim filing deadline 8/1/2017: Health care organizations in South Dakota that purchased products containing an ODD (desktop computers, laptops or stand-alone ODDs) anytime from April 2003 through December 2008.
  • Lithium Ion Batteries Settlement – $64.45 Million – claim filing deadline 11/29/2017: Health care organizations in the United States that purchased lithium ion battery products including, but not limited to, computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders.
  • Blood Reagent Antitrust Litigation – $22 Million – claim filing deadline TBD: Any hospital that purchased blood reagents directly from Ortho or Immucore from November 2000 to October 2015.
  • Menactra (Sanofi vaccine) Antitrust Settlement – $61.5 million – claim filing deadline TBD: All persons or entities in the United States and its territories that purchased Menactra directly from defendant Sanofi Pasteur Inc. (“Sanofi”) or any of its divisions, subsidiaries, predecessors or affiliates, such as VaxServe, Inc., during the period from March 1, 2010 through and including Dec. 31, 2014.

As additional opportunities arise, MCAG and SDAHO will provide details to the membership through MCAG’s website Click here to visit MCAG’s website for SDAHO members .

A short webinar providing additional information about the service, as well as upcoming applicable settlements, is available for viewing at your convenience. Contact Gil Johnson, Vice President of Business Development, SDAHO, 605-361-2281, with questions or to schedule a webinar.