The latest revenue figures, prior to the Governor’s budget address on December 5 through 4 months of FY18 actual ongoing receipts, were (-$8.3M) lower than adopted estimate, down from (-$2.7M) last month.  With last year’s reversions of $7.9M, South Dakota is down (-$391k) from the February 2017 legislative adopted budget.

The Dashboard for Medicaid Enrollments was released for October, with Medicaid enrollees at 102,276 and CHIP enrollees at 16,033, for a combined total of 118,309.  The economic dashboard has the September CPI at 2.2% compared to last year. South Dakota’s unemployment rate is 3.4% compared to the U.S. at 4.2%, while the South Dakota farm income for 2017 second quarter is $0.73 billion.