The Joint Appropriations Committee (JCA) on Tuesday revised revenue targets that direct state spending levels for the current budget year, FY 2018, and for the upcoming state FY 2019.

Last December, Gov. Daugaard presented funding priorities and outlined a budget shortfall of ($33.7) million for FY 2018.  He proposed slight spending for FY 2019 that included no inflationary updates for medical providers, state employees and state education.

The revised figures for the current budget year are $1,586,137,345 or 1.0 percent higher than was projected, while for FY 2019 the JCA forecasted ongoing receipts to be $1,641,295,684 or .92 percent increased over Gov. Daugaard’s budget recommendations.

Given the revised budget levels, there is some discussion that legislators may consider funding priorities for state employees and community and home-based providers.