Seniors at recreation room at nursing home

Sen. Deb Soholt recently introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 11 (CR11) during the 93rd South Dakota Legislative Session requesting support for access to patient-centered and family focused advance care planning.

The intent of CR11 was to raise awareness of and provide education on the importance of advance care planning.  Included in CR11 was the support of Provider Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) as a tool to be used along the continuum of advance care planning. POST  translates a patient’s goals and wishes for treatment into an actionable medical order when life-limiting disease and irreversible conditions are present.

Due to CR11 and other work occurring across the state through partnerships with the LifeCircle South Dakota Advisory Committee, South Dakota earned program recognition through the National POLST Paradigm.  South Dakota has joined 24 other states who have achieved the “developing” program level designation, while 24 states are at either an “endorsed” or “mature” designation. With the passing of CR11 and the leadership of LifeCircle, education regarding advance planning and POST will continue throughout South Dakota over the next year.

Click here to read the letter received from National POLST Paradigm.