The South Dakota Legislative Executive Committee met earlier this week to continue its discussion of two summer studies. The studies, which are connected to the health care community, involve a focus on special education and mental illness. The focus on special education (Study J) will examine the increasing need for special education and related services in the schools and how best to fund special education. The focus on mental health (Study K) will explore the access to mental health services and include a review of how persons with mental illness receive treatment; the facilities, locations, resources, treatment options and services available for treatment of persons with mental illness; the financial costs to the state and its political subdivision.

The Executive Committee polled legislators to determine their interest in participating on the study committees and have appointed members as follows:

  • Special Education (Study J) has 13 members: Senators Bolin, Maher, Monroe, Nesiba and Youngberg and Representatives Ahlers, Bartels, Duvall, Greenfield, Holmes, May, Schoenfish and Smith.
  • Mental Illness (Study K) has 15 members: Senators Ewing, Kennedy, Langer, Soholt, Solano and Stalzer and Representatives Diedrich, Haugaard, Howard, Hunhoff, (Kevin) Jensen, Johns, Reed, (Herman) Otten and Wismer.

SDAHO will continue to monitor and share updates on the work of the summer studies committees.