Rural health conference addresses drug diversion and more

Jerri Ann Haak, pharmacy director at Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center, shared interesting stories about how drug diversion can occur in any health care facility and how to spot it.

What do drug diversion in a health care setting and motivation have in common? Those were just two of the intriguing topics covered during the Rural Health Care Leaders Conference held by the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO) this week.

Fifty attendees from hospitals and long-term care facilities across South Dakota gathered in Fort Pierre to learn from experts on a variety of topics that impact delivery of care. Presenters included Chris Espersen (social determinants of health), Dr. Don Bradley (collaboration and payment), John Supplitt (how changing needs impact health care delivery), Erica Peterson and Jerri Ann Haak from Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center (drug diversion) and Joe Mull (motivating employees).

The Rural Health Leaders Conference is an annual event held by SDAHO. Watch for details on the 2019 conference in the months to come.