State Legislative Bill Watch

State Capitol in Pierre

Basic Session Statistics Week 1:

Senate Bills introduced: 40
House Bills introduced:  44
Senate Concurrent Resolutions introduced: 3
House Concurrent Resolutions introduced: 0
Senate Resolutions introduced: 0
House Resolutions introduced: 0

Senate Health & Human Services Committee has no committee hearings scheduled yet.

House Health & Human Services Committee has 2 agendas posted.

  • January 10, 2019 will have a briefing from Department of Social Services, Interim-Secretary Amy Iverson-Pollreisz.
  • January 15, 2019 will have a briefing from Department of Health, Secretary Kim Malsam-Rysdon
  • January 15, 2019 will also have a briefing from Department of Human Services, Interim-Secretary Shawnie Rechtenbaugh

Below are bills SDAHO is tracking so far for this legislative session.

Bill Title Description Position Status
HB 1012 Revise certain provisions regarding state laboratory services. Revised Department of Health Laboratory set-up Monitor Introduced
HB 1028 Revise certain provisions regarding professional counselors and marriage and family therapists. Sets up Board of Examiners for Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists Monitor Introduced
HB 1034 Revise certain provisions regarding unemployment insurance contribution rates Reinstates the zero unemployement tax rates for non-usage of the Unemployement Benefits Monitor Introduced
HB 1036 Revise provisions related to the Board of Technical Professions. Modifies municipality surplus transfers to Hospitals Monitor Introduced
SB 6 Revise certain provisions regarding sonogram and heart auscultation prior to an abortion. Mandates the Physician must show the family the sonogram before performing a DNC Monitor Introduced
SB 8 Provide for a statewide resource information system. Expands 211 to a statewide program – Estimated cost $800,000 Monitor Hearing: Senate Health 1/14/19
SB 22 Place certain substances on the controlled substances schedule and to declare an emergency. Annual update to the Controlled Substance List Monitor Introduced
SB 30 Remove certain unnecessary federal references and dates from certain provisions relating to the Department of Social Services. Cleanup language for Department of Social Services Monitor Introduced
SB 31 Revise certain provisions regarding criminal background checks for assistant behavior analysts and paraprofessionals. Removes reference to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Monitor Introduced
SB 32 Revise the composition of the South Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners. Changes makeup of who sits on the board Monitor Introduced
SB 37 Revise certain provisions regarding association health plans. Sets up and clarifies parameters for Associations to offer Health Plans Support Introduced
SB 38 Provide for the carrying of a concealed pistol without a permit. Allows Permitless Carry of a firearm. Monitor Introduced
SCR 2 To provide for legislative task forces to study, report, and develop and consider recommendations and proposed legislation regarding sustainable improvements to the continuum of mental health services available in the state. Mental Health Task Force request for more task forces next legislative interim Support Hearing: Senate – Deferred to a future date