Joint Appropriations Summary

The Joint Committee on Appropriations (JCA) is beginning to hear from the larger agencies throughout week 5. The Committee listened to Department of Health, Correctional Health, Department of Corrections, Department of Human Services, Board of Technical Education and the Department of Education. On February 11 & 12th, JCA will be hearing from the Department of Social Services.
Currently, the JCA, nor the Senate and House Committee on Appropriations have health care related bills on their agenda.
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• The average cost per facility for compliance with rules and regulations from the government is approximately $40,000.
• 3 nursing homes have closed in the last 12 months. 6 nursing homes closed in the last 40 months. None were SDAHO members.
• Since 1988, only 5 new nursing home facilities have been built in South Dakota, 2 are tribal facilities and 1 was the State Veteran’s nursing home in Hot Springs.