Senate Health and Human Services:

The Senate Health & Human Services Committee met for one day this week, scheduled Feb 13, to hear 3 bills.

February 13, the committee will hear three bills and advise & consent on Secretary of DSS.

HB 1124     require health care facilities that perform mammography to inform mammography patients on breast density.

This bill mandates a specific communication for standard of care and communication between the physician and the patient. The committee passed this bill and will be heard on the Senate floor.

SB 158     make an appropriation for increased reimbursement for care of residents of nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.

The health committee referred this bill to Senate Appropriations Committee with a very loud message about something must be done for long-term care provider rates this year.

HB 1055     require parental notification and agreement before the institution of an order to withhold resuscitation from certain patients.

HB1055 was deferred until next week due to potential amendments being drafted.

Thus far, no hearings have been scheduled for the next legislative week.