SDAHO Bill List Status

The 2019 Session ended the middle of last week in a blizzard. After the dust settled, there are session statistics and bills still waiting for a Governor’s signature.

The Public Policy Council voted to support 27 bills.

  •  6 were not in the proper form or not the proper process; however, provided an opportunity for the providers to tell their story.
  • 21 were passed.
    • ​11 bills have been signed by the Governor.
    • 10 bills are still on her desk for signature.

The major bill signed by the Governor this week was Senate Bill 173 which is the special appropriation for the innovation grants. $5m for nursing home innovation, $1m for prenatal care innovation and the rebase of the long-term care facilities as well as the payment methodology review for long-term care facilities.

Other bills that are still on the Governor’s desk for signature are:

  • Senate Bill 118 – MOST, which will establish certain provisions regarding advance care planning to take place.
  • Senate Bill 136 & Senate Bill 137 – Telehealth Bills, which will provide for the utilization of telehealth by health care professionals as well as a mechanism for covered services delivered via telehealth to be compensated.
  • Senate Bill 180 – is the general bill to wrap up the fiscal year 2019. This bill includes the funding for the 10% inflationary increase for long-term care, 4% inflationary increase for assisted living and the 1.5% for other providers.
  • Senate Bill 191 – is the general bill for fiscal year 2020 which begins July 1, 2019 and ends June 30, 2020. This continues the inflationary increases set forth in Senate Bill 180

At this time, these bills should be signed by the Governor before veto day on March 29, 2019.