Complimentary Webinar on Social Determinants of Health

On June 7 you are invited to join a complimentary webinar on Social Determinants of Health: The Underlying Issues Impacting Healthcare Costs and Quality.

During the webinar, Robert Bessler, MD, Founder and CEO of Sound Physicians, will be joined by guest speaker Jeffrey Brenner, MD, SVP of Clinical Redesign for United Healthcare, who will share his experience understanding and managing social determinants of health for the most medically-complex patients in Camden, NJ. His work was the subject of Atul Gawande’s landmark article The Hot Spotters

Attendees will learn about:

  • Building trust with and getting to know the most medically-complex patients
  • Having goals of care conversations with patients and families
  • Helping discharge patients to the most clinically-appropriate next site of care
  • Improving clinical and financial outcomes by managing social determinants of health
  • What the future looks like for social determinants of health

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.